Courtship is falling like an avalanche, Engagement is a devil’s advocate, Always questioning the impending canonization, Of two people, man and woman, In a saintly union, an institution of its own. How the process is made of the corporeal And the out-of-body. How saints too were like lovers, Impaled by arrows – but not by … Continue reading Marriage

The Cart and the Bull

We linger, in that evolving stage Where you have gone past the first comfort zone And you are as comfortable as  A koala on a eucalyptus tree. Marriage was the cart, the bull came a little afterwards, Unlike the more celebrated type in the 21st century. Our solemn pledge to stay celibate Making us immovable … Continue reading The Cart and the Bull


Historically, an unknown, That came into being, long after The stone age, when the heart Looked deep into the inner sanctum To assure oneself, that there Are places inside, that are nameless, Needing the intervention of a noun, That can sink or stall or rise. And one creature who not knows That the height of … Continue reading Love

Wedding Anniversary 2

The faceoff between history and time In that tradeoff of love; leaning like the tower of Pisa On fate and making that perfect circle, With comes with a few greasy cheesy toppings, Into a margarita. Looking at the Pizza box After two years, knowing that the dough Is still sound, and yet acquiescing to that … Continue reading Wedding Anniversary 2

Two Wedding Poems

In Sickness and Health In the rain-fed landslides  Of stockpiled chemistries Promenade down a nave To a whitened shrine Where one syndrome pledges To muster a lifetime of grit To bloom a beautiful water lily Over mud-spoilt earth The Father of the Bride The two feet That you buckled on a cot The two eyes … Continue reading Two Wedding Poems

Hen House

  My wife and her friends are about to throw A hen’s party to the bridesmaid at our wedding. When my wife will go to breadtalk And buy some short-eats and finger food For a night of frolic and merry-making. And in Sri Lanka There are no male strippers yet they still Find ways to … Continue reading Hen House

Ring Finger

You find the ring finger A little stockier, and impractical, Nature’s unhelpful digit that makes Locomotion a little half-hearted Perhaps even outright lazy. And yet that Idle stub that lazes to the busy-bodies Surrounding her, is where A centerpiece stands in all her glory. A ring that falls two thirds of the way And capsizes … Continue reading Ring Finger

Canon in D Minor

When I listen To Canon in D minor I am transformed in history To a woman who made me realize That marriage, although not a mainstay In 21st century society, Will always be the canon Of love. The wanderer’s flame Searches for a thread to flare up And to let a piece of music Carry … Continue reading Canon in D Minor