The Man Hypothesis

Swell, how we make it work, the sacrifices and pleas. We are like a compartmentalized train, The engine making us travel through The scenery and the tunnels, Day and night, the long road to a place Far far away, embracing the sun and the moon And the ever-blurring dusk, Which makes you return home, No … Continue reading The Man Hypothesis


In a scarlet red dress and on high heels, Is a woman, a loner, quelled, yet buoyed by love, Grafting one day at a time, knowing that beneath her navel,  Lies a shrine that will one day turn to an offering, Of what it is, to be non-complacent, And patient like no other, letting A … Continue reading Virginity


Stringed like a puppet, We dance to the tune of our ancestors, In an education that is passed on From one generation to another. We learn that crossing our legs And wearing a chastity belt is a trademark Of a woman, who believes in love, To the extent of keeping her hull ready To be … Continue reading Virginity

Losing Your Virginity

A ribbon swirls It pirouettes in all sorts of twirls and trajectories In the palms of a gymnast in a floor exercise It embellished birthday gifts and certificates of Ph.D.s. It only knows the crispy feel Of a newborn freshness. And I swiveled like a ribbon Danced like a gymnast, gifted my body in sheer … Continue reading Losing Your Virginity

Hero (Virgin No More)

You fear most things – public places, heights Good looking people, spiders, geckos and little Centipedes. You realize that your fear this You fear that, you fear everything under the sun You have become fear, only a faint glow Inside your irises that a lass sees, and an echo That you hear calling you, like … Continue reading Hero (Virgin No More)

Virginity – Recycling An Old Post

As a choice virgin till marriage, I do have my reflections and thoughts to share on this rather uneasy issue. My virginity was a subject of far-reaching debate in most parts of the world and even caused continental rifts between groups of individuals. First, there was that rumor that I had lost my virginity to … Continue reading Virginity – Recycling An Old Post

In Love With The Past (In Love with My Past Virginity)

NOTE My parents just asked me today in the morning, after I read my latest poem to them, why I keep on writing about the same topic - virginity. Well, it's b'cos I was a pledged virgin, who never believed in pre-marital sex and I faced enough opposition and discrimination b'cos of my belief. For … Continue reading In Love With The Past (In Love with My Past Virginity)

Virginity – Opus No 5

It’s always a battle Between the angel and the devil Between serenity and rustle Between Vladimir, who lingers In a crusade of choice and Estragon Who laments every moment Of yearning, like a camel in a dessert Plagued by mirages. And waiting for Godot Is not a torment or a prudish choice It is the … Continue reading Virginity – Opus No 5

Male Virginity

This to my dad, who said that there was no such thing called "Male Virginity" and that is only a female thingy. Weird, I would call that gender discrimination - I mean are females the only gender that has the right to be choice virgins? A clandestine state Patiently smuggling The contraband of waiting To … Continue reading Male Virginity