Vesak 4

The drapery of monks Yellow, amber, orange, saffron, The many colors akin to a full chalice of light, The cynosure of a night, while stars look like They could use a little attention, while the moon lets Eyes be drawn towards her, Just like a visiting child in the temple, Looking at a bald child … Continue reading Vesak 4

Vesak 3

The gratuity of a pandol, A spectacle in light, or a Dansal, Where they give ice cream, Or a whole meal. What has no price, No motive and no gain, As people flock, not just to fill their Famished tummies, also to be part of festivities, To be one with a celebration Of what is … Continue reading Vesak 3

Vesak 2

The branches in foliar dressings, The bright yellow mangos, On a tree, that remained elusive To the passers by, while a little monk looks at the sky, As moonbeams fall on mangoes, Like lanterns on tips of branches, waiting To be plucked by hand, or pole, or perhaps, A greedy peck of a bird. How … Continue reading Vesak 2


How a candle made of wax, Is now a glass bulb, inside weather-proofed Vesak lanterns; While a monk carries A saffron colored umbrella, and walks To a temple, while the rain pummels, As a little child, places a paper boat On a mud puddle, waiting for nightfall, To see what marvels light can do. The … Continue reading Vesak

Vesak Poems (2)

Vesak 4 Light as in the type Emitted by aureoles of Buddha Climb through the pupil And fall to the gravity of the human heart When only light Can make wonder stand alone On a deserted chamber And radiate through every tip Artery and neural end To make the solitude of mirth Like the ripple … Continue reading Vesak Poems (2)

Vesak Poems

Vesak 1 When all the shops in town Hang a closed sign For the common man to flock To a draped seat where enlightenment Radiates from lips through ear. Still sermons, they don’t move The Himalayan mountains Through a crack in the conscience, Nor people less attracted to color And light, wanting so much To … Continue reading Vesak Poems

A Vesak Pandol (Through A Child’s Eyes)

Bulbs in bursts of light From a larger than life edifice Where they fire in sequence Around a solitary figure - Legs crossed and meditating In a hermitage –; and from this perch Incandescence streams as straight lines And reflects on tiny irises As they look up bedazzled At the wonder above And from this … Continue reading A Vesak Pandol (Through A Child’s Eyes)

A Note On Buddhism

A bell is rung inside the front temple By a boyish monk holding a falling rope Splashing noise to the neighborhood Hungry echoes feeding on percussion And empty souls pacified by chants of metal ....... Hope they call it...... The echo of brass against brass The flow of what dances in the mistral And serenades … Continue reading A Note On Buddhism

Dansala (Vesak Eatery)

The canopy of a tent That bequeaths a wholesome supper To throngs that litter the streets In the festive Vesak spirit Where in the symbolism of a meal Rests the the gratuity of deed - free of condition or clause Yet beneath the same praiseworthy act Lies a pollution in soul's currency Of what the … Continue reading Dansala (Vesak Eatery)