Green Card

Kerala to Las Vegas, Nevada. Lagoons, to a dessert town. The slot machines making Calamitous clanging noises, Of falling bonanzas. While a man goes through A little passage to an immigration officer, Who guards a post, while seated, Letting one man enter inside A narrow aisle, like a coin slipping inside A slot machine. 5 … Continue reading Green Card

My Mother Goes to Vote in the American Election

  My mother is the type, who even if good old Santa Clause is running for the local election, would not vote for an obese white man. for her the “X” is so precious, you could say she thinks of herself, as bigger than the whole electoral college.   She will never write on a … Continue reading My Mother Goes to Vote in the American Election

The American Dream

## How that square passport picture, Is just a fleeting moment of time.   A snap of a camera, and the trophy on a passport. The freaky Hulk, the super hero in green,   What makes you colorful, colorblind, and color-petty And still you are whipped on the inside,   How you remember what you … Continue reading The American Dream

Letter to America

Did you see the towering black man Who carried the infant with the finesse and precision, Of a surgeon’s hands? Did you see the love In his face, beaming like a lighthouse, Calling forth the lost ships, To have faith in him, his shining face, That has only, the charity of a smile, To give … Continue reading Letter to America


Made from the Irish famine, And by Mexican imports, She lies in the hearts of the local and the foreigner, As this boundless land grows potato and corn To fill plates, which is the only mercy A migrant asks for in the first instance, And there is nothing to milk, From this new land, except … Continue reading America

American Dream

Present drips in to your tongue, Like a cookies and cream ice cream cone. You’re taught to believe that fate promises And yet still, will not deliver. So many Americans have dripped Their tongues to taste the supposed good times, Only to encounter the salty nothingness, What leaves behind a memento, Of how this land … Continue reading American Dream


Years are anthologies of healing, Brink desaturating. Stars appearing On the bleak horizon, one by one, Becoming brighter, as your face Turns to a pavilion. Now planes, are No longer diabolical monsters, Islam is no more The launch pad, there are pearl And human shipments from Baghdad to Baltimore, That don’t’ blow up on impact. … Continue reading 9/11

New York (In response to today’s poem-a-day from Academy of American Poets)

I got inspired to write this poem after this poem-a-day from the Academy of American Poets. My poem is second and Jenny Xie's poem is first. Naturalization Jenny Xie His tongue shorn, father confuses snacks for snakes, kitchen for chicken. It is 1992. Weekends, we paw at cheap silverware at yard sales. I am told … Continue reading New York (In response to today’s poem-a-day from Academy of American Poets)


The lady of liberty Stands with a tablet on one hand, And a torch raised in another,  And a broken chain on her feet, Looking like the perfect goddess Signifying liberty, in a country Of worldly freedoms. While in uptown New York, near 125th street There is a lady, of French ancestry, living alone. A … Continue reading America