Love – A Short Treatise

Love takes you to places You have never been, from the mystical To the brazen, even the outright sanctimonious And sometimes, that trinity beckons you Like when you sit on a night stool Searching for a speckle in that soot-painted sky Only to come across a sparkling shooting star And love is always at danger … Continue reading Love – A Short Treatise

Unpretty (To My Wife – Michelle)

I chose to be unpretty To be a leper than to be belonged As I carried my idiosyncrasies and inadequacies For all to see, in the nakedness Of my paltry self - the pauper in me! I chose to be unpretty To be an ember and not a jewel Yet fire kindled on my body … Continue reading Unpretty (To My Wife – Michelle)


I don’t have blue suede shoes Or epileptic knees Nor do I have side burns Profusely running down my cheeks I am no heartthrob or America’s favorite son With bell-bottom pants and skyscraper hair I’m just plain old Elvis – a lad from the south Who at the brink of his summer Found just enough … Continue reading Elvis


Sickness comes in many forms Like when one is travelling on a bus - the journey maker’s sickness When strange creatures are found in the tummy Even monsters jumping out through the esophagus Nauseating and wetting the giddy traveller Then there is morning sickness - as a journeying woman Travels from lover to mother, co-conspirator … Continue reading Sickness

The Light That Lies Beyond

In trappings and in entrapment In fate's labyrinths In dire webs and in silky cobwebs In sodden fogs and in floating mists In the clouded mind and the stitched eyelid You will get hopelessly lost, only to be found By a flash of divine light Masquerading in the human form A compass pointing to your … Continue reading The Light That Lies Beyond


Love has no varnish or veneer It is like a lump of clay That molds in the hands of the holder And sculpts perfection to the beholder It knows no boundaries or perimeters Lurks unnoticed even enflames in superabundance Love, holds imperfection on a pedestal And perfection on twin retinas Endows the soul with counter-creature … Continue reading Love


Solace is a shadow And lust her aura, befriending me When all I could do  Was to lock myself behind bars Within a cage of solitude And throw away the key Far beyond my reach .................. What she unlocked To free me With heart and soul In the absence of body ................... My metamorphosis From a prisoner … Continue reading Celibacy