The Old Grand Father’s Clock

A grumpy old man, whose Right hand, like the longer Arm of a Grand Father’s clock, Came to a final full stop. Just like, how a man, with Parkinson’s, Was cured by one dose of the afterlife. How a Grand Father’s clock ticked on to a moment, When he was just like an old man … Continue reading The Old Grand Father’s Clock

Sand Castles

There are day reveries and rapid eye motion And there are the dreams that never sleep on you. The type that makes you search, For the idyllic, the standard set by yourself, Reachable by sweat and toil. But what do we do, when the dreams Are too tall, too steep, too costly, To our never-ending … Continue reading Sand Castles


Torn like a paper with scribblings, I churn on my metabolism to live. Like soccer, I’m a man Juggling a creative game on paper, aiming For Maradona or Messi, but still falling short. And when they actualize, A poem is a soccer ball, life jacket, nebulizer, Parachute, almost anything that will Save me from this … Continue reading Boredom


I watched Wonder Woman recently On the big screen with my wife, Where the super heroine was trying to find Ares, The Greek god of war, to stop Animosity in this world. I guess, everyone is fighting Their own wars. The war that Is most closest to me, is the one Between rest and work, … Continue reading Sediments


Time-skewed, diseased of sloth I stand in that vacuum, sucked Into it, like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, Learning that time, just passes you by And you’re like the tree whose Braches rattle, leaves rustle, resisting abscission. While my hair, like bamboo culms Waving in the wind, not knowing That every subtle movement Is a choreographed … Continue reading Metamorphosis

Time Vessel

I storm out of the door, Late for an appointment with a student. When I realize that time by habit, Drifts faster than we can play catch up. Birthdays now come so fast, Aging is like a speedy morphing process, When one year ends and a new one Begins. And in this timescape, Breaking down … Continue reading Time Vessel

Nostalgia (Dedicated to all my friends)

You can’t make a microscopic slide Of a bone to see what life exists inside. You can still take a photograph From the past, to see bubbling eyes Frothing skin and time climbing out Through the silhouette of a loved one To connect a day of remembrance With an epoch of life We are always … Continue reading Nostalgia (Dedicated to all my friends)


The dog that chases her tail Never to find a little fluffy growth Stephen Hawkins who will predict aliens In far-away planets, never to see life In the strangest of galaxies The shy girl, the virgin with glasses Who can never can really melt The stitching of a lonely heart The potential that you can … Continue reading If


Sometimes, destinies Are borrowed for editions of father time Like when a one night stand Makes synchronous waves on coconut white sheets And leaves behind a legacy of sorts – like a star in the sky A mere speckle in memory’s hold And on occasion, you embark never to disembark, but you find Sink holes … Continue reading Borrowed