Sri Lanka

I come from where the Tigers gnarled And ripped apart the lion’s heart And yet we sleep in the dens Of our own security, knowing no black and white stripe Can make prisoners of us, No yellow beast can pounce and shred Our dreams. And we still have scars Of where tigers gripped their teeth … Continue reading Sri Lanka

Soldiering On

After 26 years of seeing blood Spewing out from arteries They now protest for a few thousand Rupees folding in their palms To spit out the scarlet paint of Areca nuts Made basic with lime And a sedentary armchair next to a wheel Chair has a little artefact on which Betel leaves are kept. Leaves … Continue reading Soldiering On

On Kabul’s Streets

He looked at the market place And saw juvenile visages Running around with kites In their palms, waiting for lift off To cosmic galaxies of dreams As he found himself lost to a whispering voice - The mortal inside the demon - As in the prelude to fireworks of hate The waterworks of love sprang … Continue reading On Kabul’s Streets


It is just that the scrap of waffle I put inside the mouth cavity Or the piece of dark chocolate I chew between my gums Reminds me how transient sweetness is Just like an airport rendez-vous - Where kinship breeds on shoulders Love crashes as tokens on lips And generosity is bridged in wrist – … Continue reading Terrorism

No Longer Blind (Jaffna on Google Maps)

The mapless is now the mapped The frontier has now been trekked By man and machine Where in those sweet words of “Go Ogle” You have a microscopic view Of one macrocosm – left behind Where once dirty oil-laden sweat droplets Trickled down trigger fingers As on both sides of the divide Lives were deracinated … Continue reading No Longer Blind (Jaffna on Google Maps)

Belgium (In the aftermath)

We are awake To the slaughter of innocence Kamikaze orbitals destroying The bare essence of a bridge – between inhale and exhale What we know as life We hear newscasters and reporters Petrified yet spacing out words As they broadcast from doom to the gloom As we start praying with our eyes on screen Hearts … Continue reading Belgium (In the aftermath)

French Fries and Mayonnaise

She is only an egg A child covered in shell Vulnerable to the brutal waves Of cascading terror. She has a heart As yellow as marigold petals As perfect as the full moon In which an embryonic ticking sound rests. She too has a body -- the surrounding albumin The olive white skin That conceals … Continue reading French Fries and Mayonnaise

Poetry Against Terror

Dear All, This link below (at contains an anthology of poetry by 64 poets from all over the world. I’m one of the poets who has a poem called ‘Chess’ in the anthology. The idea behind the anthology is that terrorism - the movement, and terror - the footprint, has touched the lives of … Continue reading Poetry Against Terror


When a flutist such as Pied Piper Plays a woodwind instrument Rodents and children would queue and march To his irresistible melodies Just like the contemporary climate of lip-hurled hatred Where some hear the euphonious beauty Of a flutist in embouchure Like in Beethoven’s Fidelio – her third overture ‘Leonora’. On boulevards of Levant - … Continue reading Hamelin