An Ambulance Driver in San Francisco.

How an ambulance driver Speeds past the traffic, in the incoming Lane, no care in the world for the traffic.  The man, whose heart is giving way, His priority No 1. How the roads are now filled With the last great hope, an ambulance, Where so many, see their last ray of light Their last … Continue reading An Ambulance Driver in San Francisco.

Suicide Watch

You dance The waltz of living Circling around the same perimeter, Work and back, The same Chinese restaurant, Hoping to god, that you’re don’t Have a lengthy span in this Forsaken world. You search for a panacea In a poem breathing out life, In some weed stoning you, In some Scotch Whiskey, That gives you … Continue reading Suicide Watch


Sometimes life constricts you. You see an ocean with dimensions, Like a fish bowl. You say to yourself, That there are conspiracies that play, Judge and executioner, at least that’s another Name for fate, when you are served snake eyes. You’re the sail-less catamaran, A wingless parakeet And still you’re trying to escape that box … Continue reading Hagfish

San Francisco

What is the attraction of San Francisco Bridge? Is it the flaming orange, Of the black box, called the human mind Which records all the turbulence. And we bemoan a righteous death. When we are as ominous as the smog Curling into our eyes. We are moral freaks And death is the height of our … Continue reading San Francisco

Freudian Beauty

He saw another face flooding the inner sanctum The reminders that chimera was a story here And through Jekyl and Hyde, he Went through a carousal of samsara in one life One moment, a darling with kindness As the source of an endless river, bending Past majestic rocks, and in another, seated In a corner … Continue reading Freudian Beauty


We say walk the walk, none of us do. We are scared of the very thing in us that defines Who we are, and perhaps who we are not. Or maybe what we are yet to experience, Like the trauma that could sink to where you haven’t been. The depths of the abyss. The secret … Continue reading Suicide

High on Death (Ode to Suicide)

A rhyming poem I wrote in 2013. Glow child like an evanescent satellite Your last dance to the waiting twilight Do not fade by the coward's metal Close your eyes as gloomy horizons settle Capture the darkness in a crimson tide For  storms of melancholy shall not abide As wading is your soul to sanitizing … Continue reading High on Death (Ode to Suicide)