Sickness comes in many forms Like when one is travelling on a bus - the journey maker’s sickness When strange creatures are found in the tummy Even monsters jumping out through the esophagus Nauseating and wetting the giddy traveller Then there is morning sickness - as a journeying woman Travels from lover to mother, co-conspirator … Continue reading Sickness

A Brief Guide To Love

To be filled by another Until swollen and bloated in feeling - And just like a balloon Open to puncture and wound - Nevertheless a perennial seeker Of an aching emotion – a haunting vulnerability Transcending the outer clay Concealing a strange device that palpitates Where myth says lies a compartment - a stranger vacuum … Continue reading A Brief Guide To Love


I smuggled you too long As contraband, deep inside of me A narcotic that I could not touch nor taste Where longing saturates Every empty chamber and vacant tip I was a fool to keep you hidden deep within me Where your presence echoed What I knew implicitly That I was the foolish one with … Continue reading Contraband

A Home for Our Dreams

I can see your invisible tears my love And the umbras beneath your eyes I am not blind to imperfection Your pupils that have seen so much hurt The sockets that have bled tears And softened her bee-honey tone Your portals that wrestled fate And the pain that grew like weeds in your mind Suckling … Continue reading A Home for Our Dreams


In each milestone There are yester-memories spilling over And future mementos gently sculpted in deed And in this beautiful source Of retrograde transport and anterograde promise Lies the interface of the present That pledges to fill a vacancy In the fluidity of thought-dynamics Where in each collage of reminiscences Are both footprints and footsteps In the … Continue reading Anniversary

My Spring-cess

Like a heart in solitude That was defrosted from a cold spell Your presence melted the ice crystals Until all of me was basking in your warmth Like the midnight sun You vanquished my darkness And held me till every filament of muscle Was kindled in a single flame You, the selfless creature That evangelized … Continue reading My Spring-cess