Eulogy for Trees

There are gravestones, each different From the other; the surf board wood, The furniture wood, the cinnamon bark The vanilla extract, the king coconut fruits, And many more. Even the old school botanists Are to blame for separating with little meaning, Like the colonials did in southern Africa. Every tree carries paired opposing lungs, Crowded … Continue reading Eulogy for Trees

Teaching a Teenager the Concept of Life Ahead

Love chooses "the one" It is then when you see your Own world, smaller than the The one in front that presses Upon you in convergence. Life is the anarchy of hope, It is fulfillment of what hangs In there, it is the organic tenure, Until the inorganic fate. It is crushing a pimple & … Continue reading Teaching a Teenager the Concept of Life Ahead

Dear Nangi (To My Sister)

Find love, The type that presses upon another, And trembles like a blade of grass Upon the wind, and manifests In the smallest acts; Sister, You’re meant for far bigger things. Possess an eye made of mercury, Lips made of sculpted manganese, A body made of magnesium. And let your heart be broken once, So … Continue reading Dear Nangi (To My Sister)

Under Mistletoe At Christmas

How nirvana means different things to people, A nicotine high, some cannabis, A little coffee to take away the cravings,  A sugar cookie at the corner shop, A meat pie from a 7/11 store Or under a mistletoe tradition. How the best part of the day, Is looking at my wife listening to Eclectic music, … Continue reading Under Mistletoe At Christmas


A round Eucalyptus bark, gather, B reathless groups of men, dark as cocoa, O verlooking a rusty dome, Uluru, it is called. R emembering an adolescence of gleaning, I ndustrious in harnessing the abracadabra of a land; G oing for a bath to a billabong, to a high on pituri, I ndigenous, and still loyal … Continue reading Aborigines

Haikus on Caribous

How in tens they appear, Through the ghostly woods, Shaming Walmart. Those deciduous branches, A far cry from tips of antlers. Like acorns & pine cones. How in the heart of winter, Caribous trek thick dunes of snow, Masts but no sail. Tundra in a meltdown, While the boreal shifts latitudes, As do caribous. Through … Continue reading Haikus on Caribous