Make America Great Again

A country so queer; distant relatives of once bearded Terrorists who caused havoc on 9/11 back in 2001, Run 7-Eleven stores in the heart of New York; Little stores filled with newspapers, cigarettes, Coffee at dawn, chewing gum, random groceries And of course, some ice cream. And while the American dream for some, Is make … Continue reading Make America Great Again

Dear Nangi (To My Sister)

Find love, The type that presses upon another, And trembles like a blade of grass Upon the wind, and manifests In the smallest acts; Sister, You’re meant for far bigger things. Possess an eye made of mercury, Lips made of sculpted manganese, A body made of magnesium. And let your heart be broken once, So … Continue reading Dear Nangi (To My Sister)

Await Book No 3 – “Rewiring Destiny”….and perhaps No 4

Yes, the clock is now ticking.....   My third anthology "Rewiring Destiny" should be out at some point in 2019. It has, between 80-110 poems, of which 80%, are novel ones. I no longer write solely for the blog, since I would like to put my poems out, in print.  There are free style poems, rhyming … Continue reading Await Book No 3 – “Rewiring Destiny”….and perhaps No 4

Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Elon Musk

There are places like the stones of Stonehenge, Older than most sights and structures, Made of the mortal and the divine.  While Golgotha, is the place, where one man, picked a rugged cross and climbed up a hill, while whips cracked like flames. In one sacrifice, which only counted to three days Inside a coma, … Continue reading Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Elon Musk

Baby Blues

How after 4 years, together, we see two indentations, on a mattress, the beauty sleeps, that become discolored impressions, You see, as a measure of time. I can’t help smile, seeing my wife, keeps her legs hoisted in the air, to allow for the tadpoles to swim through by gravity, while a Sunday Times newspaper … Continue reading Baby Blues