Storybook Life

The flop side of a fairytale, Sometimes is empty. There is no back garden of weeds, To some lives. Its like the moon without craters.  What you see in the belly and the face Are sometimes truer than the naked visual. In a world that venerates dark sides, What can story book lives do but…


What is the price of perfection… Seemingly an impossible ambition. A gun-less society with no more Sandy Hooks Bodies without immune systems In a world of zero infectious diseases Or a world bereft of the guarded Perhaps a communist manifesto Or a capitalist mecca Or maybe in a modern day fairytale Adam saving Steve from…


############## She cleans her face with soap And an avocado facial wash Wipes with a Kleenex tissue and applies Some moisturizer. She embellishes Her lips with a titian lipstick Cheeks with skin-toned blush And darkens her eye lashes With mascara. ####### She will walk to her man Waiting in the lobby of the Colombo Hilton….

Love In Its Entire Perfection

Love It’s white in the beginning Only to transform to Pink customs Bringing about crimson flushes And scarlet flames Desire is a pricking device That gives you pins and needles From the inside Testing your patience And love, in past-tense On a mattress, is peak-perferct On mortal plains, and sin Is the flag on a…

The Perfect Woman

Maybe perfection Is only a myth, like the hour glass figure That gets wider with the trickle of time And the sinuous hips that ripple Against the air-cushioned coastline A woman who blemishes Helen’s face And inflates the impressionist breasts And walks like the high tide but conceals enough For adoration by man and for…

Treatise On Perfection

The full moon – perfection unparalleled An apical circle no mathematician or astronomer Would counter or alienate A glistening satellite by day-fall And sleeping beauty by day Lapsing in circadian revolutions of shadow and bloom  Where on the visage of one celestial creature Lies the pinnacle of beauty Far beyond the reach of man

Through A Camel’s Eye

I saw perfection once In a heavenly mirage Only to be lead on a journey far and wide Until I found imperfection On a dessert oasis