Coelacanth (To Aimee N. from a fan)

I’m like a coelacanth, A fossil, which is neither a vestige, Or a freak of nature, a rare presence In a dead pool of sibling species. Just like this ancient fish, Austen days Are still around, like the 14th of February, Where men become rose carriers, The day when fossils become relevant, In a world … Continue reading Coelacanth (To Aimee N. from a fan)

A Sonnet (Honeymoon)

Life that crab so unlike the hermit kind Searching for the adversary the ocean find Nature takes its course like a rosy estuary Swallowed through, down her fearless belly In that fringe horizon between truth and dare Lies my body scavenged by greed and bare That lady who became forever my truly Godiva On a … Continue reading A Sonnet (Honeymoon)


Sometimes life constricts you. You see an ocean with dimensions, Like a fish bowl. You say to yourself, That there are conspiracies that play, Judge and executioner, at least that’s another Name for fate, when you are served snake eyes. You’re the sail-less catamaran, A wingless parakeet And still you’re trying to escape that box … Continue reading Hagfish

Sea Creatures

Autumn closing in The waves turning colder The sea breeze running downwind While the sky turns to a paler blue. The sturgeon is hunted all around the Caspian Sea For its pricey caviar, while The Papa sea horse will collect Roe from his lover, inject half The chromosomes through the membrane And rear the fertilized … Continue reading Sea Creatures

The Ocean

Can’t we swim or even drown In this boundless dominion? Can we fly like a giant squid, wings gliding, Summoned to the call of the benthic wilderness? And can we grip each other in cephalopod tentacles, With the purchase of slimy seaweed? Can we make love like dolphins Pleasure being our only steer? Can I … Continue reading The Ocean

Creatures of the Dark

There is beauty in light, like in the luciferin Hidden on the ventral side Of winged beetles; creatures we call fireflies, And they turn luminous green Underneath their abdomen Emanating chemi-luminescence. And these flying lanterns, - Soft-bodied creatures flying with their elytra -, Make children run on the trimmed lawn And the inner child climb … Continue reading Creatures of the Dark

Blue To Green

You travel across, through the tumbling waves From the blues, a blue note strikes ever so frequent An anomaly, a staccato, an accentuation, the fear That convulses your wave-barraged heart. All you have is courage, to beat the legions of sea creatures, The octopuses with numerous tentacles that lasso You like the body of a … Continue reading Blue To Green