The long day, just got longer, The chin too narrowed, And claimed a little more of the curved edge. This was after my trip into nostalgia, Stopped somewhere in the mid afternoon. There is nothing one can do When nostalgia abruptly comes to a stand-still. Nostalgia is not always A tear-dropping handkerchief-wetting Moment of careless … Continue reading Nostalgia


Just the ambivalence of not Having the security of memory Of the time-folded moment. Lapsed, carried on a ferry To a far-away land No recollection, no ribbon-tied Bonanzas of little fables With a message at the end. No fortune cookie endings, no aphorisms To knot, the idiosyncracy of knowing There is something and yet The … Continue reading Memory

Nostalgia (Dedicated to all my friends)

You can’t make a microscopic slide Of a bone to see what life exists inside. You can still take a photograph From the past, to see bubbling eyes Frothing skin and time climbing out Through the silhouette of a loved one To connect a day of remembrance With an epoch of life We are always … Continue reading Nostalgia (Dedicated to all my friends)


Twinkle are little stars Diamonds inside little irises. Only love, incalculable with no formula Resting in one infinity sign And a child’s face is the perfect moon Enumerating innocence, smile it seems Is paying it forward. A beacon with a beam. Love is the only space craft Needed to land on the moon turf. And … Continue reading Childhood

Rum and Coke

Staring at the rim Of a glass of rum and coke Where temptation is a ball full of eye And taste, heaven on tongue tip As the glass rose and the lips lowered There was only enough room for saliva and carbon dioxide To crash in to each other - on the meniscus When melancholia … Continue reading Rum and Coke

Moving On

I let go of you Every miserly fragment of longing Every stubborn memory  Every lingering morsel of pain I let go of you every day, every hour, every second Until I found myself letting go To all my heart owned  Until every node, every cell, every artery  Was cleansed of your residue As my exorcism … Continue reading Moving On