A War Mum with a New Born

Gravity-defying stunt Of how the lap-work cradle Of a mother, in horizontal transfer, Makes little waves of sleep Under an ebony tree. He sleeps through the sounds Of night owls and fruit bats Not knowing the difference Between the two. Yet looking constantly out at The breast that feeds, the child suckles The nectar, not … Continue reading A War Mum with a New Born

One Night Stand

When the friendly eye unleashes a bomb You don’t think through the aftermath You think only of scintillation The rubbing of two life twigs To make enough fire to burn through the night And when morning rocks you You think of all the necessary excuses and you come up with none Just that the bomb … Continue reading One Night Stand

Day and Night

We stare at the sun to forget And the moon, to remember Sometimes, what we forget during daytime Are the places inside the heart that keeps you ticking Where love amasses her own treasures. We are not all meant to be kites during daylight hours Or jewels in a clay utensils. We linger in the … Continue reading Day and Night


The evening sky in an amber dressing Whirls of pink scattered like strokes from bristles Bees who forage in the early eve Come storming back to their hives before darkness falls Seagulls blaze their sunny-glazed eyes And seaweed paddle to the beach with their outgrowing thalli Lovers under colorful umbrellas caught in gaze traps Free … Continue reading Night

Paris (In The Aftermath)

It was well after The emergence of darkness When the night combusted to detonated vests And bullet-thumping guns Phlogiston blazed as fiery flames In Lavoisier’s haunts and hunting grounds Although there was nothing scientific about the night Carnage they say are Neanderthal traditions Unknowing to the meek and lovable ‘Homo sapiens parisiensis’ And finally when … Continue reading Paris (In The Aftermath)