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A Poem in Canary Literary Magazine

My latest poem to appear in a peer-reviewed journal. Its always nice when you write a biological poem that has relevance to nature and perhaps drives home the message, how vulnerable some species are. The journal is Canary Literary Magazine. Enjoy! http://canarylitmag.org/contents.php#745    

Two Poems in American Journal of Poetry (Jan 2018)

Two Poems of mine on the theme of the environment and environmental conservation appear in the Jan 2018 edition of American Journal of Poetry. Please take a read, if you like poetry, or if you’re an activist or voice for environmental conservation. http://www.theamericanjournalofpoetry.com/v4-gunawardana.html Hope 2018 will bring you abundant joy, riches of the heart, and

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Perhaps in this seasonal bout, Of hay fever, you will find in your nasal voice A cheer to spur yourself, to go out to the garden, To see the floral display, All of nature’s butterfly attractants Learning that pollen is just, The softest art of letting go voluntarily, Using the master trickery of glue. A

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Bambarakanda (The Tallest Waterfall in Sri Lanka)

Between the drapery of cones and needles Of a pine forest, rests an indomitable Wonder, a trickle at most, even in the monsoons The pure nectar of the land Lunging past a ledge and falling Like the tresses of a mountain goddess. A waterway that scales the mighty fortresses And washes away the granite cheeks

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MS Windows Ver. Photosynthesis

In machine code Of an operating system Is an intricate set of operations In forward flow – fine-tuned by evolution Like the program called sunlight Downloaded from the heavens And run as lines of code After all The enigma of what is Sun-powered and water-harvested Is only an operating system Named photosynthesis Which boots life

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Monsoon Feeling (2)

Pink and yellow in stripes and bands On a twilight sky sprinkled with light Kites hovering in the distance Waltzing with the veering wind A rainbow arches beyond the visible horizon As if to pave a highway of nostalgia To monsoons of yesteryear When rain water splashed on window panes As if to eavesdrop on lovers 

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