Messi and Jesus

  Boot master, relentless workaholic, Tatoo junkie and yet supreme architect of Moves rapturing towards goal. The precise passes, the hopeful lobs, The attacking runs, how a man who learnt, That one hand is more flexible Than another, learned later on, That the same is true For the feet. How we are All, preferred-limbed soldiers … Continue reading Messi and Jesus

Sports Fan with a Remote Control in Hand

The storm of Lebron, The ballet of Messi, The sports channels you turn on and off, The potato chips that go to the afterlife, The boxer shorts and The remote control clutched in hand, Everything that has locomotion Speed, and skill, the sheer geniuses On a field of dreams, the eye of the tiger, And … Continue reading Sports Fan with a Remote Control in Hand

The Boca Boys

Argentina will always be a soccer mad nation which has produced a host of sporting sons from Maradona to Messi. Soccer always had and will hold iconic status in this country and of course the sporting superstars from the Tango capital will always be catapulted from the locality of Boca Juniors to a thrilling international … Continue reading The Boca Boys