Memory – An Honest Look

Every pill the doctor orders does Not work on you. For example, You cannot take a paracetamol for a viral  Infection. You’re a prize idiot If you do so. Apple a day – which comes in the form of my wife – Does not make the melancholy go away. Memory pills, they too exist, especially … Continue reading Memory – An Honest Look


Angels are those creatures That protect you from the dangers of life. And when you’re sitting duck to the mercy of the world You look inside to find angels – Gabriels and Michaels. And yet you find only one gender – women – And one woman, that used to flow to you like The furious … Continue reading Angels


They come and go, the sprinkles And the monsoons, the drizzle and the flood We are all memory-gatherers Twigs that kindle the grail of what is yester The pasts that make us tick in the present The laughter of those cheeks that skinny-dipped On a little creek or the kiss that was not meant to … Continue reading Memories


I look through the rubble The little mountains I have constructed In a little room called the attic And here I have little ones, big ones. Good and mediocre. I have gold and fool’s gold. Ingots and trinkets. And they are all handpicked for the occasion. Equally weighed for the requiem And the dream.


You look in the mirror And the youth which galloped past As white-water rapids is now idly swimming past Curving bends and meandering elbows When you can taste a whisk of brine From the distant estuary And in this space of ambivalence and fear of the great unknown You have one hermitage - a place … Continue reading Memories