A Thing or Two about Arranged Marriages

There are so many things That run on the aphorism of “finders keepers”. Love, fate, Hobby, career, sexuality for some, Each a treasure that has no real map, You find and you keep, And some people are so lucky They are gifted everything, and they don’t Even search, Arranged marriages, Boring sexualities, perennial hobbies, Permanent … Continue reading A Thing or Two about Arranged Marriages

Austen Country

The sexual revolution, like a juggernaut, Moves on, with no hope what so ever Of stopping it or slowing it down. So I step up, to sell marriage, A haven, sacrament and institution, And a sweet home to many. When I say that I’m a non-conformist I mean to say that I change in retrograde … Continue reading Austen Country

The Cart and the Bull

We linger, in that evolving stage Where you have gone past the first comfort zone And you are as comfortable as  A koala on a eucalyptus tree. Marriage was the cart, the bull came a little afterwards, Unlike the more celebrated type in the 21st century. Our solemn pledge to stay celibate Making us immovable … Continue reading The Cart and the Bull