Courtship is falling like an avalanche, Engagement is a devil’s advocate, Always questioning the impending canonization, Of two people, man and woman, In a saintly union, an institution of its own. How the process is made of the corporeal And the out-of-body. How saints too were like lovers, Impaled by arrows – but not by … Continue reading Marriage

Marital Rape

########## He was like a weaver bird Who built a large palace on the grounds of an arboretum, And a fancier one inside her fallen heart He courted her with riches And embellished her with glitz. Countless facets Would twinkle like a starry constellation On her fingers, the pendant stone was Amethyst, and the hotel … Continue reading Marital Rape

Austen Country

The sexual revolution, like a juggernaut, Moves on, with no hope what so ever Of stopping it or slowing it down. So I step up, to sell marriage, A haven, sacrament and institution, And a sweet home to many. When I say that I’m a non-conformist I mean to say that I change in retrograde … Continue reading Austen Country

The Cart and the Bull

We linger, in that evolving stage Where you have gone past the first comfort zone And you are as comfortable as  A koala on a eucalyptus tree. Marriage was the cart, the bull came a little afterwards, Unlike the more celebrated type in the 21st century. Our solemn pledge to stay celibate Making us immovable … Continue reading The Cart and the Bull

Life and Death

There is a small water fern Called Azolla, which I do scientific Experiments with. This water fern As a symbiotic partner, which has co-habited The plant, through 140 million years. A symbiosis like no other. The symbiont, a life form called Cyanobacteria Lives inside a cavity in the Azolla leaf. So what makes this co-existence … Continue reading Life and Death

Wedding Anniversary 2

The faceoff between history and time In that tradeoff of love; leaning like the tower of Pisa On fate and making that perfect circle, With comes with a few greasy cheesy toppings, Into a margarita. Looking at the Pizza box After two years, knowing that the dough Is still sound, and yet acquiescing to that … Continue reading Wedding Anniversary 2

Two Wedding Poems

In Sickness and Health In the rain-fed landslides  Of stockpiled chemistries Promenade down a nave To a whitened shrine Where one syndrome pledges To muster a lifetime of grit To bloom a beautiful water lily Over mud-spoilt earth The Father of the Bride The two feet That you buckled on a cot The two eyes … Continue reading Two Wedding Poems


Every Nicholas Sparks Novel has a twist to the plot. And there’s nothing more heartbreaking Than the loss of a larger-than-life character. And I, two years into my marriage Is hopelessly scared that I might not be worthy Of a woman, who looks through a kaleidoscope And is married to a man who looks Through … Continue reading Marriage

Marriage is Sexy

Do you know that marriage is darn sexy. Have you seen your wife’s buttocks Grow bigger by the year, like brown gunny sacs Filled to the brim with husked grains. The breasts are still sprightly perky like They could hang an old pair of tea cups Her hips spread out like Siberia And the g-string … Continue reading Marriage is Sexy