Love sponsors little deeds, Of which a kiss stands right on top, That emotional feel of succulence, That like a thornless cactus Makes you warm and wet at the same time. And we learn that a kiss stands her ground, Making inroads on a flesh That can dance in the name of lust, When you’re … Continue reading Democracy


Stringed like a puppet, We dance to the tune of our ancestors, In an education that is passed on From one generation to another. We learn that crossing our legs And wearing a chastity belt is a trademark Of a woman, who believes in love, To the extent of keeping her hull ready To be … Continue reading Virginity


I keep on pressing the right buttons, to milk a little fate. I softly pressed the eye button And I got myself a lass with size-C breasts And a round Gluteus Maximus, that grows Bigger with the trickle of age. I pressed the mouth button And she turned volumetric and bloated Pouts that made wildfires … Continue reading Buttons

Life Begins at 40 (On my 40th B’day)

  With age everything gets thicker The waistline, glasses and the shirt-fit But then you realize – as you stare at your wife – What a blessing age is, after all, all you have to do Is to look at the her hips and buttocks To realize that age is a miracle worker After all … Continue reading Life Begins at 40 (On my 40th B’day)


There is amber Sticking out through wood splinters Carrying the fossils of yesteryear Preserved in resin, like an untouched virgin Who was possessed of Amber thoughts Dripping down neurons, flowing down tongue Wetting bed cloths - while the story was played In rapid eye motion somewhere in la-la land……. Amber they say is the center … Continue reading Amber


In Archie’s comics Betty and Veronica Are not just buxom creatures But the heart’s tug-of-war Between blonde and brunette As man retracts in age To be that boy once again – reminiscing The times when a woman is more than just a woman She is the sculpture covered in fabric Waiting to be unveiled by … Continue reading Love

Sexual Incompatibility

They are perfect for each other Two love bugs imbued with one feeling Nectarine eyes dripping with honey And yearning to pollinate A love like no other In forbearance and remembrance And they took the plunge Down the water hole of time As they found each other In the currents and counter currents Of everything … Continue reading Sexual Incompatibility