I’m no black man I’m no gay man, I’m neither, Only an owl, that asks The perennial question “whom” To which there is an answer. A woman in short shorts, Ivory in complexion, Against whose tapestry of skin, Cradled against me, I become both black and gay, Happy as a child in Disneyland, When I’m … Continue reading Missionaries


Love sponsors little deeds, Of which a kiss stands right on top, That emotional feel of succulence, That like a thornless cactus Makes you warm and wet at the same time. And we learn that a kiss stands her ground, Making inroads on a flesh That can dance in the name of lust, When you’re … Continue reading Democracy

A Sonnet (Love)

In that destined instant, between now and never Was a wishbone, longer, beckoning forever She was the lass who counted a whole eternity While he leaned over, and lifted her careless knee And they both bled something beauty could not contain Like the crimson tide, of red sea algae fame, in brief sustain It was … Continue reading A Sonnet (Love)

The Truth About Love

How dreaded to know that life Is just a big lie? You’re told to love the unlovable, To muster courage when it is easier To be a coward, to succeed when It is just a wave of transience. Sometimes, all life is, is a prison of time, When you’re trapped inside a body, that Empowers, … Continue reading The Truth About Love


Historically, an unknown, That came into being, long after The stone age, when the heart Looked deep into the inner sanctum To assure oneself, that there Are places inside, that are nameless, Needing the intervention of a noun, That can sink or stall or rise. And one creature who not knows That the height of … Continue reading Love

A Kiss

Can there be anything More parsimonious, Than two, trying to broker A bonding interface, between the front line, Of one council of teeth, and scrimshawed Chess pieces of another? To embolden a moment of madness, When little dentine monoliths Take a back seat, while pushing forward A purse that willingly opens up to be The … Continue reading A Kiss

Love Spoken

The mother of all feelings Smother you as the breast hides What could be unlocked, In a simple enquiry. The tongue Steals a moment of breaking The shackles of tongue-tied, And poses a question that in earnest Holds a porcelain moment That when powered by serendipity Is a cuppa, a relaxed state when You encounter … Continue reading Love Spoken

Lover Do

Oh the sun, the moon and the stars Bathing light to the outcasts From the throat of darkness gore Down to the great valley of the shore Tide ever so willing like my beloved’s tongue To shelter me, une baisse, the trap’s sprung The dire dungeon from which I ascend To a bed of roses, … Continue reading Lover Do

Beautiful Love

The madness, the folly, Wind, storm and hurricane First moisture and last drop The epiphany and the holy truth Converse shoes and space suit In a being, whitewashed by the tide Of that torment called yearning, Creeping like a gangling vine Searching for the glimpse of the sun To climb to where it all blooms … Continue reading Beautiful Love