Under Mistletoe At Christmas

How nirvana means different things to people, A nicotine high, some cannabis, A little coffee to take away the cravings,  A sugar cookie at the corner shop, A meat pie from a 7/11 store Or under a mistletoe tradition. How the best part of the day, Is looking at my wife listening to Eclectic music, … Continue reading Under Mistletoe At Christmas

A Little Bit of Botany to Love Making

There is a sense Of botany to making love Roots penetrate deeper After the very first edition of love-making Leaves unfurl and attract light Glistening as twinkling irises And a flower blooms on lip petals And all the while, the body Photosynthesizes ringed sugars Sweetening source to sink – senses to memories After all we … Continue reading A Little Bit of Botany to Love Making


In Archie’s comics Betty and Veronica Are not just buxom creatures But the heart’s tug-of-war Between blonde and brunette As man retracts in age To be that boy once again – reminiscing The times when a woman is more than just a woman She is the sculpture covered in fabric Waiting to be unveiled by … Continue reading Love


I have lost count Of the number of times I've flushed love down her sink Knowing I am every inch an animal Sometimes a greedy pig that will shove His snout down pink meadows Or a frog that will muscle his tongue To sweeten his euphonious ears Sometimes I'm a bonobo chimpanzee Seeing my beloved … Continue reading Manimal

The Wait

Lingering like a camel in a dessert I knew the heat so well – the type that comes from the ambient As the sweltering sunshine of peers – After all love in the contemporary Is like a jewel box where many pendants are kept Unlike those seekers of one pearl – what will bloom From … Continue reading The Wait

A Kiss

The medium and the matter Like fogs of exhale and dewy lips The spell of irises And the witchcraft of rapprochement The gentle winds And the rocking heartbeat The prelude of anticipation And the exfoliation of passion The noise of collision And the silence of collusion Acquiescent compasses On frothy poles of magnetic pink In … Continue reading A Kiss

Wedding Gown

She stood like a sail In a wooden cupboard Mastering the eerie stillness Surrounded by misty air And moldy pairs of unused heels That stood on a rack At the very bottom She has seen Long nights of hope When she could hear the eagerness Of her 35 year old owner over the phone While … Continue reading Wedding Gown


There are economics Everywhere you search Like a quarter pounder For a happy meal Or a quarter of moonshine For a merry intoxication Occasionally a quarter is all that it takes To buy chocolate chip cookies Or a subsidized soda drink And sometimes economy Comes down to a whole new name Budget hotel, cheap labor, … Continue reading Economics


Too many long days Spent searching, too many nights Alone masturbating Too many gin and tonics On a lonely bar in the heart of Colombo Making eye-contact At women with oversized glasses Too many dawns Waking up to myself And my favorite pillow Too many beauty pageants Even black-eyed pretenders Way too many doormats Too … Continue reading Butterfly