-I Love You-

How we loved, the exhales, To the exfoliants, the chemistry, Of what was so tender, and if not, Unrushed, The little bit of daylight, between me And you. How we let our blindfolds, Strip our pupils, our peep holes. While we begin the seduction, Juxtaposition-ed fragrances, ever-closing gazes, The mouth in extenuating circumstances, Mouthing, With … Continue reading -I Love You-

A Short Love Poem

Mechanical machines our bodies Are, limbs that make set moves, A collaboration of sorts A mind that swiftly moves from one to another, Only the nagging holding you in anxiety Or gaiety, or just in plain reverie. And a heart that saves you, time and again, From what is mechanized and well-oiled, A chamber that … Continue reading A Short Love Poem

The Perfect Love Poem

Dedicated to all men and women, who strive to become as perfect as they can be In a callous, uncaring world, short of real courage.    A poet starts with three pennies In his mental pockets, which become a title That could capture the essence Of the modern day anti-hero – the lover. A metaphor, … Continue reading The Perfect Love Poem

A Valentine’s Day Poem 2

  The empires we built With hand, heart and lips And the one room we couldn’t fill With the confluence of my little passengers To your little planets And in our twilight we will look back Fondly at our crumbling exteriors And wonder why A little tumbling ball of cells Was beyond any sky or … Continue reading A Valentine’s Day Poem 2


  I drew her near Swept her off her feet I took her in my popeye-like arms And laid her on a bed of lilies She looked at me And the first time too had a look about it When the tongue is drenched And the eyes are spring And the lips are swollen to … Continue reading Music

Chastity Belt

A woman’s hosiery – leggings, stockings and tights Are prickly, skin-hugging and fine While on top, a corset can be seen Sculpting two thrones for two coronated queens To sit and take a peak or a peak-a-boo At the faithful - the palace serfs And in these parades of inner garments There lies one obsolete … Continue reading Chastity Belt


He wasn’t Richard the Lion Heart Who courageously battled the crusades And came scot-free - unwounded He was just a fragile cherry to be plucked Nor was he like Richard Dawkins A God-hater who hides beneath Darwin’s beard and the convenience of science - No fear of God kept him behind closed zippers Only the … Continue reading Richard

A New Year Kiss

Beyond December’s fall Is a day that slips when the clock strikes north Pointing to the heavens When Cinderella is a just a poor lass Forgotten in the moment and a prince’s heart rocks Back and forth, to and fro, in the unsteady wind When love is the gale and the lips are but a … Continue reading A New Year Kiss

A Home for Our Dreams

I can see your invisible tears my love And the umbras beneath your eyes I am not blind to imperfection Your pupils that have seen so much hurt The sockets that have bled tears And softened her bee-honey tone Your portals that wrestled fate And the pain that grew like weeds in your mind Suckling … Continue reading A Home for Our Dreams