Pink Beasts

  Your eternal sand castle, The proposal on one knee,   The few seconds of awe, Which seemed like hesitation   Or surprise, or both. The babies you see, In her eyes, the baby making   That channels your vision, The obituary every orgasm has,   The epitaph on her face, The afterglow of pyrotechnics. … Continue reading Pink Beasts

6 AM in Our Kitchen

The red apple on the pantry, The Nutella spread, The music from Gold FM Hits from the 90s on the radio. The knife that cuts bread, The spoon that mixes the curry A fly that snuck in, Feeding on the thrown waste, My wife, looking inviting, In a pair of skimpy shorts, As my eyes … Continue reading 6 AM in Our Kitchen

Yet Another Valentine’s Day Poem

The unicorn and the destined day Of the white horse. The cherry plant That you water with hope. The strawberry colored lips, The dew of desire. The unforgettable moment When longing sculpts enquiry. The courage of wanting to be in love, On that knife edge. And the shape of a heart, Decorating a card, a … Continue reading Yet Another Valentine’s Day Poem

Life As We Know It

The lone dog outside our house Sleeps oblivious to cars driving by And a street lamp, like a tungsten moon, Glows from her vantage point While pedestrians walk by, not knowing What is happening in our home, While my wife and me, seated on a 8 by 7 feet bed, Await, oblivious to passers-by, a … Continue reading Life As We Know It

Love Landscaped

Summer stage Of flamingo plumage An open doorway Guarded by cherry blossoms The sweetest noise Of surrender, an olive branch Two feet orbited by floored lace And two eyes, witnesses of heavens grace And in converge, They are like swans In a neckwrap, blurred by lust They make sounds, never heard before, Like a stone … Continue reading Love Landscaped


The stranger was as familiar as the front door Love was just as eccentric as imagined And she was like a fluff of smoke That burnt on his ferocious tide. She was like a dragon trapped in a hurricane Blowing fire to all corners of the incoming tide He was the ocean god, maneuvering wave … Continue reading Jellyfish


I furrow Through the night-darkness It seems we don’t make love With the lights on – Let’s say that was God’s gift Fate’s way of making us “very special” Made for each other in odd’s disequilibrium And we don’t bungle our way Through switches or care about how beautiful The intercourse of brawn and beauty … Continue reading Translation

Let’s Have Sex

The act of sex Comes in many essences A myriad of positions and a thousand places After all it is more diverse Than the number of ice-cream flavors Sold around the world In France They say "faire l’amour" After all who can stop The French from tongue kissing Pillow talk and foreplay Before a little … Continue reading Let’s Have Sex

A Hotel Room

To be the one That undresses longing off your eyes And dresses your eyes with sunny tears on monsoon heavens To be the one that will hold you beside and in-front Clasp your slender fingertips and your curving hips Making side-way glances and then tides of love Where we entered a ghostly hotel room As … Continue reading A Hotel Room