Cherry Picking

How love ushers in the moment, You let in a cherry picker, pick your first harvest. How Prunus avium, the wild cherry Is also called the bird cherry, How she, a woman, has a nose for curiosity, Unbuttoning his shirt. How we are children Trapped inside adult bodies, letting effervescence rise, Until we are brimming … Continue reading Cherry Picking


In Sri Lanka, young girls, learn From middle school onwards, that their bodies Are more sacred than temples, only to be embellished With beautiful things, like a gold ring, Which ushers in, the most breathtaking night, When honey-dips take the form Of body fluids; drool, sweat and sebum Gliding out surreptitiously, as she learns The … Continue reading Butterfly

Losing Your Virginity

A ribbon swirls It pirouettes in all sorts of twirls and trajectories In the palms of a gymnast in a floor exercise It embellished birthday gifts and certificates of Ph.D.s. It only knows the crispy feel Of a newborn freshness. And I swiveled like a ribbon Danced like a gymnast, gifted my body in sheer … Continue reading Losing Your Virginity


Through abundant butterflies Flustering from the cavities within I maneuvered my vessel to the safest of take offs Still petrified of Murphy’s Law And all the things that could crumble Like a house of cards. Still I lingered Like a cliff diver not knowing The depth of the adjoining ocean, and as I took off … Continue reading Honeymoon


A picnic basket stood In the middle of nowhere There were croissants and marmalade Scones and pastries Some orange juice and a coke bottle We were surrounded By dancing airstreams and tweeting birds And we could hear the grasshoppers And sense the sunbeams bouncing off Our cheekbones And you and I Munched on the sugar … Continue reading Tillage