Green Card

Kerala to Las Vegas, Nevada. Lagoons, to a dessert town. The slot machines making Calamitous clanging noises, Of falling bonanzas. While a man goes through A little passage to an immigration officer, Who guards a post, while seated, Letting one man enter inside A narrow aisle, like a coin slipping inside A slot machine. 5 … Continue reading Green Card


We don’t do unto others What they do unto us. We thieve others’ destinies, Locking them inside, door-less cells. We are the avengers; the raw Smile of deception, a Judas’s kiss, and the Sedimentary shoulder that briefs But doesn’t sink. There lies only a merger, Between treachery and thievery, The craft of a frenemy, is … Continue reading Frenemy


I’m no black man I’m no gay man, I’m neither, Only an owl, that asks The perennial question “whom” To which there is an answer. A woman in short shorts, Ivory in complexion, Against whose tapestry of skin, Cradled against me, I become both black and gay, Happy as a child in Disneyland, When I’m … Continue reading Missionaries

9/11 (2)

New York, untroubled like a yellow taxi Shifting to the reverse gear, to see a pizzeria, Which saw life butchered and hung Like a butcher’s window. Life then, had stutters and hiccups. It was never free-flowing and serene As the Hudson. That morning, 16 years ago, Some mad men cut the orb of the sun, … Continue reading 9/11 (2)


Angels are those creatures That protect you from the dangers of life. And when you’re sitting duck to the mercy of the world You look inside to find angels – Gabriels and Michaels. And yet you find only one gender – women – And one woman, that used to flow to you like The furious … Continue reading Angels

Sex In Reverse Time

I made the clock go backwards Counter clockwise while making love. It was amazing how quick The orgasm came - in reverse And I didn’t need to do any kissing or foreplay. I was like a match stick that blazed And burnt in one flash. Like seeing God in an epiphany And my wife looked … Continue reading Sex In Reverse Time


The smell of gases that a tiny hole throws Is caught by the nose A little aroma from your end-plumbing That other noses repulse And yours rejoice. There is nothing remotely musical As that little noise in your colon Caught in a colon-burp Accompanying a little heartbeat, a little drag of lungs And some finger … Continue reading Fart

Virginity – Recycling An Old Post

As a choice virgin till marriage, I do have my reflections and thoughts to share on this rather uneasy issue. My virginity was a subject of far-reaching debate in most parts of the world and even caused continental rifts between groups of individuals. First, there was that rumor that I had lost my virginity to … Continue reading Virginity – Recycling An Old Post

The Killing Fields

In the heart of Georgia The fast foods chains fatten the black child To a venomous infarction of heart capillaries Knowing the black child who grows into a strapping young man Has a few extra genes to not make It across the Marsh creek to the Gettysburg field Of precarious life. And the ghosts of … Continue reading The Killing Fields