Kite Woman

She loves your wrists Even the feel of boyish fingertips Yet searchers for freedom She loves dancing in colorful frocks After all she is the cynosure gender Who is feeble and graceful Yet strong and resilient She will hold the ragamuffin boy And secure the rugged inner child Inside an unlapsed cocoon Still her waltz…


Playmate of feeble frames Playing on the stage of god Playing one beautiful role As a waltzing puppet of the playful wind Playing notes of a happy scale – on boyish fervor; A glow radiating from irises And a gale blowing through the heart – When the only player worthy Of her playful antics Is…

Monsoon Feeling (3)

A lonely kite in the heavens Was ambushed by pummeling rainwater As a lonely child saw his dream washed away As a fragile kite tore into pieces Tears out poured from his grieving sockets Yet he collected his drenched kite And walked away with his crushed dream Firmly held close to his heart

A Kite In Jaffna

Floating to the wind Hearing whispers of prayers – of the living And the silence of solitude – of the dead A kite holds her poise on an azure skyline Where no mausoleums were ever laid in brick On scarred veneers of limestone earth Where voices were silenced by fear And hope butchered by apathy Where…

A Kite

An exchanged gift, from father to son A toy that articulates the language of love And radiates a jigsaw of color An object that enlightens twin irises of a child And reflects the joy of innocence What is sought with an open heart And a persevering smile A paper dancer swaying to the mildest mistral…

Kite (A Different Viewpoint)

The thread that bridges Child and man, in a father-son moment And the body that preserves The budding aviator within As child and inner-child Clasp on to the same cotton reel Searching for a common memory To light up their mental skylines


The flutter and the rustle The tumbles and spins, the rise and the fall The moments defined  By whispers and vespers of convection In the choreography of dance An ethereal creature, graceful ballerina, dream weaver Nevertheless perennial huntress of freedom Probing for an outlet, to elope As the bride of the nascent summer wind