Life in a Time of Scientific Thought

I stand your slave, your serf, your servant, Only lifting my head when you speak to me, How in this climate change walloped earth, You can search for the origin of providence, And the chisel-work of evolution, How abiogenesis made the primordial cell, What evolution took to a different level, A different stage. How in … Continue reading Life in a Time of Scientific Thought

The Story of the Kite

Have you seen, anything with four sides, A cross of eakles, holding together The outreaching paper, almost Like the rugged cross in Calvary Nailed to Jesus’s stance. Have you seen Anything more child-like, More dependent on the maternal wind, More brittle than a new born, More unsettled than a flag, Leaping out from her spot … Continue reading The Story of the Kite

The Gay Man’s Kite

. Video killed the Radio star. In that moment the cold war ended and so died Innocence, at the hands of the video tape. We were too young to realize That each decade defines a genre A style, a fashion, a craze, or even a bubble That explodes with little warning   In 2017, while … Continue reading The Gay Man’s Kite


The colorful horizon, where the kites are born, From the rib of the wind. A glorious transformation, of the blues, to multi-color.  The sun too has its ways, of shining as brilliant as he can, Like that story of the wind and the sun, In war, battling to see who is more powerful And yet … Continue reading August


The kite and the wind Beautiful partners, in the choreography Of matter and medium. Flesh and drift. They dance like there’s no tomorrow In somersaults and flips And when the wind gathers speed The kite dances stronger And the thread hangs on to the tension Knowing how steep the final climb is, to heaven, And … Continue reading Orgasm

Suicide Bomber

Soft skin turning cold with apathy Like a freezer on top of the neck muscles Sending ice-streams through synapses Beneath the vest, lies blooms and booms The loud tantrums of detonation Sonic is the prelude, martyr is the aftermath She sees heaven in all its glory. The infants she will carry one day Crying beneath … Continue reading Suicide Bomber


Cotton they say Is cellulose that holds-together fabric It too is the line and the thread That holds the monsoon flutter of a sky-perched kite And cotton are the bundles of fiber That fissures out of a pod Just like happiness bursting through muslin lips Enlightening henna-painted irises Bridging dream and dream runner It is … Continue reading Cotton


A clockwork flesh That grows like a sapling Dreaming of dreamy moments Of mastering a kite or balancing a bicycle When the heart is full Of the currency of dreams Blooming without a price-tag In the curvature of lip-petals And above the balance of wheels And well below the poise of paper Lies the beauty … Continue reading Dreams

A Refugee Child

The kite travelled far Through a bridge of time And a wall of barbed-wire Into a new land, a new country Into the arms of a refugee child Who found a little bit of color On the fringe of a fence And he looked at the flying wonder Stranded on mother earth Knowing he too … Continue reading A Refugee Child