6 AM in Our Kitchen

The red apple on the pantry, The Nutella spread, The music from Gold FM Hits from the 90s on the radio. The knife that cuts bread, The spoon that mixes the curry A fly that snuck in, Feeding on the thrown waste, My wife, looking inviting, In a pair of skimpy shorts, As my eyes … Continue reading 6 AM in Our Kitchen

Chores (To Michelle)

I took out the strainer And threw out the chicken bones And the leftover rice And every time I seem to Do the things I take for granted I seem to live a little more Seemingly larger than me Larger than any version of me from the past Larger than life and larger Than our … Continue reading Chores (To Michelle)

Kitchen Spring

The apron Was on the cooktop And the mittens were On the oven grip The rice cooker stood at The edge of the counter Just like yesteryear I felt the edges of the pantry And gripped the apron Still it was cold and numb As a winter snowman As I looked for a sign of … Continue reading Kitchen Spring


Sometimes a woman Is like the sweetest white sugar Caramelizing in burning kisses Occasionally, she is the white pepper Spicing up with a sprinkle And at times – like after a long shower She smells like a quill of cinnamon - wild and free And beyond nightfall, she is a flavorsome condiment Saucy from head … Continue reading Kitchen