Unspoken (To Mr Darcy)

I dread the sound of my voice To come up with the perfect words to get shot down By your gold standard. I knew you would not be easy. Silence can be muted, especially when there Is a paradigm shift to one response and a bottomless pit for the other. The daffodil was not done … Continue reading Unspoken (To Mr Darcy)

Under Mistletoe At Christmas

How nirvana means different things to people, A nicotine high, some cannabis, A little coffee to take away the cravings,  A sugar cookie at the corner shop, A meat pie from a 7/11 store Or under a mistletoe tradition. How the best part of the day, Is looking at my wife listening to Eclectic music, … Continue reading Under Mistletoe At Christmas

-I Love You-

How we loved, the exhales, To the exfoliants, the chemistry, Of what was so tender, and if not, Unrushed, The little bit of daylight, between me And you. How we let our blindfolds, Strip our pupils, our peep holes. While we begin the seduction, Juxtaposition-ed fragrances, ever-closing gazes, The mouth in extenuating circumstances, Mouthing, With … Continue reading -I Love You-

Under The Mistletoe

How beautiful to be kissing at Christmas, Just to feel the long wingspans, We possess. A moth to a flame, is like Icarus to the sun. Our soft spot for pyromania. We are weak in the face of combustion, Our lips are always looking to burn. I look at your kerosene aura, And your saintly … Continue reading Under The Mistletoe

A Kiss

Can there be anything More parsimonious, Than two, trying to broker A bonding interface, between the front line, Of one council of teeth, and scrimshawed Chess pieces of another? To embolden a moment of madness, When little dentine monoliths Take a back seat, while pushing forward A purse that willingly opens up to be The … Continue reading A Kiss


The infection I cannot forego The foreigner that came To be a patriot. The La Fayette in me Who looks every inch as conflicted As a melee, and as disapproved, as a glass of moonshine, And still I run the marathon of life Like there are eagle wings at the end and that blind man … Continue reading Serendipity

First Kiss (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)

Time stood so still at that perfect moment. The guzzle had dripped to glug I was swallowing slush Flakes of vermillion, of lips Gone cold of waiting. I could trample, trespass or even encroach She had no aversion of any of that. She was like a jug kept inside a cupboard Searching for the ripple … Continue reading First Kiss (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)


Reality is just like a golden crepe Draped in cinnamon powder It needs a sense of locality to befriend something foreign.  Even that strange sensation, that something Inside of me is far bigger than myself, Like the whale inside my throat I want to let go down two mouth-worthy lips. There’s always a desperate streak … Continue reading Love