A Lesson in Papadums

The pimple, the tennis ball The planet earth, the ascendency of spheres, How from a full stop to planet Jupiter,  There are ball-shaped sculptures Everywhere you look. From the miniature, to the giants. While a single favorite of children And adults alike, papadums, Tell you that the world is divided, Between the flat earthers, Like … Continue reading A Lesson in Papadums

Sri Lanka

### How beautiful for a country, To come out of her mother’s uterus,   A bundle of rock, sand and clay, Drifting out through the pelvic bones, The Western and Eastern Ghats,   She, the infant Sri Lanka, breaking out, Of the Deccan Plateau, from Mother India’s womb,   Burrowing through the mucus, the slime, … Continue reading Sri Lanka

An Arranged Marriage in Childhood, to obtain a Green Card

Look how beautiful the pitch dark is, When we let our porcelain bodies, Welcome and shatter each other. We, Geetha and Sachin, met, On the day of the nuptials, as near-perfect strangers, In a pledge that was 22 years old, back When our parents, took us, and plunged us. And today, we jumped from the … Continue reading An Arranged Marriage in Childhood, to obtain a Green Card

A Thing or Two about Arranged Marriages

There are so many things That run on the aphorism of “finders keepers”. Love, fate, Hobby, career, sexuality for some, Each a treasure that has no real map, You find and you keep, And some people are so lucky They are gifted everything, and they don’t Even search, Arranged marriages, Boring sexualities, perennial hobbies, Permanent … Continue reading A Thing or Two about Arranged Marriages

Brown Skin

Every Indian girl’s dream, As in those tapestries of white lace, You have little skin-rungs,  That help you escape from a brown fortress, A caste of little people, who Are taught that tan is just a curse at best, An immortal dungeon of birth. But then, just take a look, at the dark skin of … Continue reading Brown Skin

Kama Sutra

In a book with little illustrations And text, lies what takes place On thrones and slums, On rickshaws and cabins inside Jet airways, Where little geometries Are arranged, inversed, slanted To make chemistries titillate. And this book holds the corporeal truths Few speak in sheer honesty Or do in shameless subordination, When in those close … Continue reading Kama Sutra


Through the clouded fog You retreat from the street bazaar To burrow inside a cottage, A feeling that you’re under the terrain Lost to the flesh and haunted by a haven’s Carnal solitude. A fireplace summoning You to be one with the earth And the flow of bodies undulating Like ocean beasts with froth And … Continue reading India


The fine filaments of the silk worm And the craftsmanship of a weaving mill In the flowing movements Of to and fro, left and right, up and down Weaving the intricacies of films of silk Where waves of different length light Form interfaces, edges and sharp corners  On a draping of vibrant colors A silky … Continue reading Sari