Stars in the sky Don’t have blood-ducts and a command-central But live in complete harmony Each a speckle of light harvested from within And brought together as constellations And in this border-less, Map-less universe, there are no countries and flags Just cultures of proximities and light ambitions….. For we humans, have a lot to learn … Continue reading Stars

Hope Warriors

When you look closely Beneath Mandela or Mother Theresa You will find a full heart That outgrew an average body And a fuller conscience That outlived one life Where one repeated act of defiance Broke the spine of apathy As on streets of Calcutta and Soweto Lepers of the skin slipped out Through pupil cracks … Continue reading Hope Warriors

Circus (Written a few years ago)

  Someone wise once told me that 'empathy' is a hard act to follow. True, you don't find too many practitioners of empathy in the contemporary world, but still, it should not mean that empathy should be swallowed in one gulp in to the convivial gorge of a primeval monster. This draws the question 'What … Continue reading Circus (Written a few years ago)


I look north And I see a cap in reverse Just like Kriss-Kross And I look south And I see a pair of sneakers Air-Jordans bloated in comfort I look east and west And I find a pair of headphones Thumping with a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song. No more are we living in just a … Continue reading Californication

Monsoon Feeling (2)

Pink and yellow in stripes and bands On a twilight sky sprinkled with light Kites hovering in the distance Waltzing with the veering wind A rainbow arches beyond the visible horizon As if to pave a highway of nostalgia To monsoons of yesteryear When rain water splashed on window panes As if to eavesdrop on lovers  … Continue reading Monsoon Feeling (2)


We dance On a slanted ballroom  Holding a creature ever so dear Dancing round and round - in circles and squares Stepping on familiar and unfamiliar floor tiles Pirouetting and falting, sliding and tip-toeing To the music of our heartbeats Until one palpitation withers and fades As one soul gazes far in to the lumen … Continue reading Life


The commas that pause us The semi-colons that separate us The colons that divide us The hyphens that bind us The apostrophes that authenticate us The exclamations that define us The brackets that limit us The full stop that dispossesses us The punctuation that accentuates Man and his many hues Painting an invisible strain of … Continue reading Punctuation