A Sonnet (Honeymoon)

Life that crab so unlike the hermit kind Searching for the adversary the ocean find Nature takes its course like a rosy estuary Swallowed through, down her fearless belly In that fringe horizon between truth and dare Lies my body scavenged by greed and bare That lady who became forever my truly Godiva On a … Continue reading A Sonnet (Honeymoon)

The Tomato

I’m my own worst enemy. Time and again, I’ve played in my head How it would all unentangle as we knotted, In tentacle clasp and covalent chemistries. Hunters call this the taut line hitch The type that pulls it all tight. The common man romances it to making love. I was a nervous wreck, the … Continue reading The Tomato


Through abundant butterflies Flustering from the cavities within I maneuvered my vessel to the safest of take offs Still petrified of Murphy’s Law And all the things that could crumble Like a house of cards. Still I lingered Like a cliff diver not knowing The depth of the adjoining ocean, and as I took off … Continue reading Honeymoon


Why we didn’t have sex Before marriage, was not a case Of fear of the unknown, or a stage I’m not a thespian at, it was just a wait For the sheer delight that heart-works Could usher, the body’s prayer to one day Rejoice in Hosanna And in our honeymoon We made a tempest glorious … Continue reading Honeymoon

Our Wedding Night

I knew I could never be a teacher Only a pupil and she my wife Would be the buxom teacher in front And on that day, her chalk Scribbled something elaborate and meaningful Deep within my crumbling body And the limestone – calcium carbonate dust - Sank deep until knowledge erupted From the open tip … Continue reading Our Wedding Night


Up and down, bisecting her Stood a fragment of father time Sheltering a moment That he never thought would happen After all, 38 is no spring chicken Just a clucking chicken with feathers Who postponed his arrival To this one destined oasis He knew he was only A porn star with a million eyes watching … Continue reading Honeymoon