A Valentine’s Heart

The day that makes you forget, How fatty and bloody, an amorphous mold Of flesh, tube and valve, is. A chamber that makes its own electricity, And goes “dub dub” like a drumbeat. A viola leaf shaped organ in blood red, Is where we symbolically place, The origin and residency of love. An organ that … Continue reading A Valentine’s Heart

The Material of Dreams

Sand and lego, Both castle makers, Two ingredients for the same soft palms.  How building castles is a child’s way Of getting lost in time. The bricks and the wet sand, One coarse and one fine, what are wonders Of architecture, medieval and yet timely. The architect who looks at the finished castle In awe. … Continue reading The Material of Dreams

Colombo 1998

I remember when there were curfews And bombs were exploding everywhere. Life was hard then, and still We played badminton in our gardens, Watched the news on TV together And talked about everything, seated On the ground or on sofas. Now we don’t have terrorists anymore, Or bombs exploding in crowded buses. We are all, … Continue reading Colombo 1998

A Short Love Poem

Mechanical machines our bodies Are, limbs that make set moves, A collaboration of sorts A mind that swiftly moves from one to another, Only the nagging holding you in anxiety Or gaiety, or just in plain reverie. And a heart that saves you, time and again, From what is mechanized and well-oiled, A chamber that … Continue reading A Short Love Poem


Seated at the corner I see the vehicles pass me by The traffic of runaway traction And I holding on to my beige coat. I have a Big Mac, a coke and a little apple pie in my hand. My so called American lunch. I’m immovable from this moment. Stuck in a rot in my … Continue reading Lethargy

Heart to Heart

The heart is a giant chamber With a lot of fat on the surroundings. Hiding nothing except pints of blood. Pumping blood to every organ, cell, organelle Or every spindle of fiber. There is no soul there. It fills with What keeps you oxygenated And immuned. A space of little changes And larger volumes. And … Continue reading Heart to Heart

Day and Night

We stare at the sun to forget And the moon, to remember Sometimes, what we forget during daytime Are the places inside the heart that keeps you ticking Where love amasses her own treasures. We are not all meant to be kites during daylight hours Or jewels in a clay utensils. We linger in the … Continue reading Day and Night

Heart (An old poem from 2014)

Alter of the soul Keeper of all flames Corpus to the elusive Conquistador of kismet Compass to the nonsensical Contraceptive to falling Occasional confessional Percussion instrument Stentorian orator Instinctive thespian Spartacus to love Beneath this assortment Of split personalities Lies the chambers of man Haunted by god Consumed by fear Muted by disease and age … Continue reading Heart (An old poem from 2014)

Heart is a Foreign Country

The heart is needful The visa office seemingly Eagle-like retinas searching for the prey And only what is eye-stamped And beauty-issued makes it to the next level When in the dire corners of a seemingly deadly room Where quarantine officers scan every minor statistic For quasi-familiarity, the cup-size And how many inches the coastal belt … Continue reading Heart is a Foreign Country