Teaching a Teenager the Concept of Life Ahead

Love chooses "the one" It is then when you see your Own world, smaller than the The one in front that presses Upon you in convergence. Life is the anarchy of hope, It is fulfillment of what hangs In there, it is the organic tenure, Until the inorganic fate. It is crushing a pimple & … Continue reading Teaching a Teenager the Concept of Life Ahead

A Cat and a Teenager

The cat prowls in to the yard to excrete, A practice that I find horrible, When you consider that I have to sweep The foliage and collect the fallen leaves, Inside a garbage bag. How the cat, Walks to the grass, when no one is around, And lets go of his muscled solids. I wonder, … Continue reading A Cat and a Teenager

Growing Up

You’re born, with a barometer On every tip, sahara to the taiga And yet, you hope to god You never have to grow up And learn the art of survival. With survival comes Thickening armadillo skin A steady heart that is a contra-ataxic constant A soul that ransacks and evicts Every possible life, or her … Continue reading Growing Up

An Installment of the novel I will never finish writing (A Sensitive Guy)

What makes a Woman Tick? So what makes a woman tick?. I have my theories, some are as valid as the Archimedes’s principle – although it does not want me to be an exhibitionist shouting “eureka” from the top of his lungs – and some are pure philosopher’s stone, the alchemy in my head. Women … Continue reading An Installment of the novel I will never finish writing (A Sensitive Guy)

Growing Up

Your spring. When you can’t choose the flowers From the color, name, height of the stalk Or how broad the petals are. You choose in the sodden dark, The road taken, with no forewarning, no meteorology forecasts No compasses, only the chemicals that dance Stringing you to a Punch and Judy show. And we were … Continue reading Growing Up


When your vocal codes Turn from a piccolo to a tuba And all you can do is to feel the weight Of the descending testicles And a little fertile spurt of hairs In all the right places – even wrong And you’re stuck making sense Of this anarchy of little emotions Making a cacophony, a … Continue reading Puberty

Growing Up/Firsts

A Toastmaster's speech I did last year. Growing Up There are many words to describe firsts. Baptism, inauguration, primary, conception, rite of passage etc. Like the last word describes, rites of passage come at many points in life and they are earmarked as events of metamorphosis or transformation. It is an evident truth that once … Continue reading Growing Up/Firsts