What it Means to Be Good as a Catholic

Helping a beggar down the street Without posting it on facebook or making A tale out of it for popularity. To tell the truth because it is sincere. To call a friend who means more to you Than just a casual friendship. To do charity; that upon you is another's toil That grants a shoulder … Continue reading What it Means to Be Good as a Catholic

The Duel

The armchair looks like a good place To start the New Year. You look At all the scoundrels in business; the imposters,  The sexists, the thieves, the arsonists, And the heart robbers, and all you can do Is wonder where did all the goodness go. Sex sells, in any line of work, Drugs help you … Continue reading The Duel

Nomenclature of Goodness

Do you ravage what is surprisingly left Out of your dignity, like blowing out the last leaves of autumn, And then you think, what is it, that makes me, me. The fact that you haven’t done any charity for 10 years, Or you taking pleasure in everyone else’s grief. And there is a humpback whale … Continue reading Nomenclature of Goodness

Rehymenation – A Prayer

The confessional Is like a rehymenation ward Where putrid sin is vanquished To the renewal of Aurora’s dawn Which eventually (with time) heats up To scorching Ra and at the strike of noon Clothes come off, when the glare Is as blinding as the awoken bliss Quaking out from the epicenter And that fault seemingly … Continue reading Rehymenation – A Prayer


Passive rarely authoritative Kind and unassuming, full-beta and never alpha The worker bee or ant and perhaps a hunting lioness Who plays many roles, of nurturer Guardian and unconditional donor A person enflamed by the conscience Unappeased by the status quo, enraged by injustice A crusader not for Jerusalem But for a strain of love … Continue reading Do-Gooder


When the flame of goodness Is cheered on by a million bonds Of diatomic oxygen Of hearts and souls in perfection harmony Imbued with the burning desire To blaze vestal fires For the bloom of spring. “A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others … Continue reading Ubantu