Neil (The story of a Gay Man)

I like tackling hard topics, both conservative and liberal. This is a cliché poem on a gay man. I’ve written so many now, cannot seem to find new material. I have more poems on the theme of Gay Men and I will share them with you, if they are rejected by periodicals and journals. I … Continue reading Neil (The story of a Gay Man)

To A Gay Friend (A Poem)

To a long lost friend who used to be my buddy for long conversations. How I miss, The man with beautiful XY chromosomes, Who falls in love with fellow XYs. The sheer magic of symmetry. How fleeting some friendships are Its more about the fried rice and the cuttlefish Than the long conversations, the long … Continue reading To A Gay Friend (A Poem)

Gay Topology

The ocean billows over vast tectonic plates, While the cliffs carve out meeting the ocean. There are valleys looking up mountain tops, And monoliths empowering the scenery.   And there too, are lovers, blanket like A plateau, covering a land comprising two peaks, Both locked into a fusing plain, as if they Had collided over … Continue reading Gay Topology

Four Short Poems

Halloween Love Story We outdid everything, in banter There were lanterns inside pumpkin faces, The smiley visages could do no wrong As we became the afterthought before we knew What had transpired… Almost like a flash of instant lightning. You and I, had scored each other. Jack O Lantern had claimed his Jill.   October … Continue reading Four Short Poems


In the foremost moment, You chuck in happy in the form of balmy, The same way you look at an apple.  Malus and malady, pulp and plague, Metamorphosing your lips, your cheeks, Everything other than your mind, Looming to first kill - primavera. Every assassination, straight or gay, Is a little kill at best or … Continue reading Towing

One Plus One

One plus one, is two. The formula of marriage, Symmetrical like man and man, And woman and woman, And when you make it unsexual, It becomes creature with creature, Or organism and organism, And from time to time I look at my friends, who treasure Equality just like we Christians do, In shoveling their way … Continue reading One Plus One

The Gay Man’s Kite

. Video killed the Radio star. In that moment the cold war ended and so died Innocence, at the hands of the video tape. We were too young to realize That each decade defines a genre A style, a fashion, a craze, or even a bubble That explodes with little warning   In 2017, while … Continue reading The Gay Man’s Kite

Gay Man in Love

Beauty is not always right, Not always symmetrical, never always a gaze At what you don’t possess, And the other does. Beauty is more Obvious, stranger, mirroring A sculpture that can never be paired In mythology or inside the pages of the bible, But lives in the souls of those, Who drift from the time-eroding … Continue reading Gay Man in Love

A Gay Man’s Admission

The serenade on the dance floor In a gay night club, took me in To your spell. I didn’t know warlocks Could be so appetizing, to my famished heart As I lunged towards you, from juxtaposition To an interface, not knowing how sweetening The candy is. We are but two jack rabbits In a burrow, … Continue reading A Gay Man’s Admission