Vesak 4

The drapery of monks Yellow, amber, orange, saffron, The many colors akin to a full chalice of light, The cynosure of a night, while stars look like They could use a little attention, while the moon lets Eyes be drawn towards her, Just like a visiting child in the temple, Looking at a bald child…


A scathing loneliness Or a blooming solitude Shining skin tone Or disfiguring craters and scars The perfection of a circle Or a blemished crescent Celestial lantern of the gods Or satellite of a turquoise sphere  Yet in spite of her many aliases She will always be The night’s saving grace And the beholder’s paradise


Night loomed on open pupils Kites descended on naked dunes of sand Umbrellas folded in to lovers’ wrists As the sun absented the horizon ……… Amidst the loss of color and light Amidst the retreat of man; and the recline of nature Was one redeeming grace In an all-giving act of endearing philanthropy ……… Where…

Treatise On Perfection

The full moon – perfection unparalleled An apical circle no mathematician or astronomer Would counter or alienate A glistening satellite by day-fall And sleeping beauty by day Lapsing in circadian revolutions of shadow and bloom  Where on the visage of one celestial creature Lies the pinnacle of beauty Far beyond the reach of man