We are not just bonded By the commonality of our genes Or the connections of our Food webs, or the ecologies we share, We are too, practitioners of a stock Called the human touch, That is telekinetic, it moves Mountains, and allows glaciers to move, That too a form of global warming, That too, a … Continue reading Friendship/Amity


Why do we live in a world, Where we draw circles, Venn diagrams ? Of the counts we call amity.  The loneliest place to be is an unshared Conversation, looking at the ceiling, And wondering what the other is doing, Roof watching or dreaming, looking At a star-filled sky. We all search for two-way infections, … Continue reading Friendship


I can’t force friendships I can’t force myself to drink 25 ml of Rockland Rum and coke When I’m abstaining from alcohol, I can’t force myself to eat Fried Rice and Hot Butter Cuttlefish When my tummy is full. How the heart has one woman now, A place that used to have 25 friends, By … Continue reading Friendship


We don’t dance together, We don’t sing like songbirds, We don’t show off our plumage,  We are only birds of a feather, Stuck together, they say, Like we were glued by an invisible gum, And yet, who we are, are flocked birds, Free to call anyone friend, And we gather, over a coffee, To estrange … Continue reading Friendship

To A Gay Friend (A Poem)

To a long lost friend who used to be my buddy for long conversations. How I miss, The man with beautiful XY chromosomes, Who falls in love with fellow XYs. The sheer magic of symmetry. How fleeting some friendships are Its more about the fried rice and the cuttlefish Than the long conversations, the long … Continue reading To A Gay Friend (A Poem)

Ode to Friendship

In this barren land, there are mushrooms For the gatherers, some are poisonous, While other leave an impeccable taste.  These fungi, whose fruiting bodies, Are beautified by color, are deceptive on occasion. And we are mushroom pickers, We pick the people who we see eye to eye with, Those whose radar works in the same … Continue reading Ode to Friendship


You learn something new everyday. Like how a conversation That doesn’t mean anything Can unzip you or prick the bubble You’re wading in to the tide Learning that the sand moves towards The sea, in slow deposition. And A shoulder, is like that too. You shift towards a bough of flesh Who wears the empathy … Continue reading Friendship

Elbow Street

Two girls walking hand in hand No pigtails here though, well past nubile age They walk like they have no care in the world And down elbow-street there are railings And they hold on to them in clutch or clasp, at times hold And elbow street hides the ulna and radius Two slender bone formations … Continue reading Elbow Street

Life as we know it

Pessimism likes the bone That is carved open through flesh The butcher’s knife in the hands Of the age deity who puts a number on a cake And here, like petals On the last day before wither Praying for an extra day, we start to fade. Like magnolias that are petrified Of autumn, when seasons … Continue reading Life as we know it