We don’t do unto others What they do unto us. We thieve others’ destinies, Locking them inside, door-less cells. We are the avengers; the raw Smile of deception, a Judas’s kiss, and the Sedimentary shoulder that briefs But doesn’t sink. There lies only a merger, Between treachery and thievery, The craft of a frenemy, is … Continue reading Frenemy


Why do we live in a world, Where we draw circles, Venn diagrams ? Of the counts we call amity.  The loneliest place to be is an unshared Conversation, looking at the ceiling, And wondering what the other is doing, Roof watching or dreaming, looking At a star-filled sky. We all search for two-way infections, … Continue reading Friendship


I can’t force friendships I can’t force myself to drink 25 ml of Rockland Rum and coke When I’m abstaining from alcohol, I can’t force myself to eat Fried Rice and Hot Butter Cuttlefish When my tummy is full. How the heart has one woman now, A place that used to have 25 friends, By … Continue reading Friendship

Ode to Friendship

In this barren land, there are mushrooms For the gatherers, some are poisonous, While other leave an impeccable taste.  These fungi, whose fruiting bodies, Are beautified by color, are deceptive on occasion. And we are mushroom pickers, We pick the people who we see eye to eye with, Those whose radar works in the same … Continue reading Ode to Friendship


How educational to look through The scab, a curtain, panes and dew To see a magpie on the lawn, Reminding us, that we are all contrasts Of our own diabolical need to contradict. Like how we go against the conscience Time and again, like it was just a meaningless Voice, perhaps a psychosis of our … Continue reading Circles


My wife had put on the colorless base For a painting in burgundy, cutex She calls it and that little brush Paints little keratin canvases With a single coat of color She knows we will be at Hilton In a couple of hours, partying with friends. She had photographed and sent Pictures of three evening … Continue reading 2017


We are all fools who grow old and senile Inside cyber houses with a name and a face We are “like”-minded creatures who practice Liking without an ounce of love in us “Like” is a profile picture on that piece of land A popularity stake we all love and cherish Happiness is the only glue … Continue reading Friendship


The 51 friends I have on facebook Is like a little constellation. It is made of many lanterns that glisten In the night sky. And when I look in to my own world I don’t remember the last time I got a call Saying someone was thinking of me. I have facebook to thank for … Continue reading Friendship