Celebrating Independence

 ## A fusion of flesh and blood And their unified force, To be like the sun, Sovereign, and drawing Her own energy and incandescence, The resolve to be a heartbeat, And we are still babies, Just old enough, for a platinum anniversary, A celebration of a shimmering element, The glow of peace, Which is like … Continue reading Celebrating Independence


To every sanction or outright embargo There is a counter-movement. No one walks on the streets on curfew days Yet teenagers still play cricket, down empty alleyways. Embargos too, make life austere, Except for contraband that is sneaked through mules To a place, only the smugglers know. And sanctions, just like the disciplinary orders, Given … Continue reading Freedom

Fable on King Coconuts

I took out a king-coconut Which I had bought from a street-side vendor A matured ripe orange nut That I slashed with a carved knife, When the water that was pressed inside Beneath indomitable walls Spurted out and some splashed All over my yearning lips, To teach me an empowering truth I had forgotten with … Continue reading Fable on King Coconuts

Che and Fidel

While they worship the mercenary And the revolutionary in Santa Clara, Where he lies, his eyes firmly pointed At the city below, a monumental cultural icon That defied the plague of inequality And made the hunger for justice A mission of love  -- And with him, a few hundred miles Down the road lies, the … Continue reading Che and Fidel


The black man plays the harmonica Delta blues that hover like drones in the air And those droning sounds are a strain of patience As resilient as a dromedary camel on a dessert The hump and hoofs that make long journeys Short and the distance between two points A straightening line. Forbearance is a little … Continue reading Freedom