Adam And Eve

In a naked kiss Pealed of semblances In two naked bodies Absented of all fabric In a naked dream That opened her petals In a naked moment Where time molted her essence Rose the naked tide That ebbed far in to memory


I laid you down On a million cocoons And brought out  The butterfly in you In a silken dream

Deconstructing Virginity

You drew me With the noose of a tie And the taste of lip-dew Your drew me With what sneaked out in breast And what stood out in limb You drew me With an extended palm And an outstretched heart You drew me To the confluence of your aura And distilled me of my protracted…


I stood at the edge of your heart At the perimeter of your aura Listening to your sordid whispers As my inner child emerged from a casing of pupa To consummate the sacrament of curiosity In my autumn metamorphosis To a fluttering butterfly


We stood there on a lonely beach In the mildest of mistrals Two clasped palms flowing like a swing In pendulum-like movements Soul was imbued with desire And the body ached in longing As I waded to your heart’ With a token of a braided cotton ring To interweave a braided destiny Where elastic motions…

First Time

A protracted dream was undone A tapestry of fine lace was undressed Body and body coalesced Voice found unknown degrees of freedom As the song of bliss found her stellar range Amidst interludes of sordid whispers Basins were filled and emptied By the poetic tide of love As matter crashed against vacancy In percolating tears…


Skin coated in mercury Could feel the raging body heat Two souls afloat in one body In a dream that woke longing As love was preserved forever in a memory A bed of many confluences – soul, body and dream When one dawn was lit by lanterns of passion Two creatures fumbling towards ecstasy When…

The First Time

Between the promise And the afterglow Is an ascent up a slope A hill with a hoisted flag Etchings on a mile post And a steep drop with no parachute When a boy transforms to a man In the climax of a dream