First Time

A blend of dance And song Bridged in anatomy. Hide and seek And foreplay Become dyslexic charades In that giant step of discovery You realize That Montessori, is When you learn, That every toy In your playful hand, Is to be used and misused. And London Bridge Was always supposed To break And fall down … Continue reading First Time


In that battle between two invisible hands, I stood, one blowing through a few inches below The navel; too rapid, too careless,  For me to let myself go and so I let the other invisible hand, Guide me, preserving my senses in the long run, Holding my heart inside a jewel box, Which inevitably multiplied … Continue reading Romeo

A Sonnet (First Time)

Once bitten, once cried, the heart braved As she watches from a lonely window pane Half-chicken crossed, to arms of the depraved  As virtue stood corroded on beautiful lovers’ lane Love, a foolish art, or a folly-first science Of what it is to blossom the courage bloom A bittersweet spell inside her freed conscience A … Continue reading A Sonnet (First Time)

In Love With The Past (In Love with My Past Virginity)

NOTE My parents just asked me today in the morning, after I read my latest poem to them, why I keep on writing about the same topic - virginity. Well, it's b'cos I was a pledged virgin, who never believed in pre-marital sex and I faced enough opposition and discrimination b'cos of my belief. For … Continue reading In Love With The Past (In Love with My Past Virginity)


Through abundant butterflies Flustering from the cavities within I maneuvered my vessel to the safest of take offs Still petrified of Murphy’s Law And all the things that could crumble Like a house of cards. Still I lingered Like a cliff diver not knowing The depth of the adjoining ocean, and as I took off … Continue reading Honeymoon

Rubber Ducky

The child’s eye holds no splinter, or blood Or any monster in green, she only holds A little shapely heart imbued with innocence. What’s polluted with age, like a stream near a waste disposal site Leaving organic dyes and heavy metals To enter her pristine source. And we can see signboards reading “NIMBY” everywhere “Not … Continue reading Rubber Ducky

Our Wedding Night

I knew I could never be a teacher Only a pupil and she my wife Would be the buxom teacher in front And on that day, her chalk Scribbled something elaborate and meaningful Deep within my crumbling body And the limestone – calcium carbonate dust - Sank deep until knowledge erupted From the open tip … Continue reading Our Wedding Night

A Note On Virginity

As a choice virgin till marriage, I do have my reflections and thoughts to share on this rather uneasy issue. My virginity was a subject of far-reaching debate in most parts of the world and even caused continental rifts between groups of individuals. First, there was that rumor that I had lost my virginity to … Continue reading A Note On Virginity