Unspoken (To Mr Darcy)

I dread the sound of my voice To come up with the perfect words to get shot down By your gold standard. I knew you would not be easy. Silence can be muted, especially when there Is a paradigm shift to one response and a bottomless pit for the other. The daffodil was not done … Continue reading Unspoken (To Mr Darcy)

First Kiss (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)

Time stood so still at that perfect moment. The guzzle had dripped to glug I was swallowing slush Flakes of vermillion, of lips Gone cold of waiting. I could trample, trespass or even encroach She had no aversion of any of that. She was like a jug kept inside a cupboard Searching for the ripple … Continue reading First Kiss (Rejected by Permafrost Magazine)

First Kiss

You, the focal point of my desire The lone color in a black and white room I lurk like a shadow searching for light, to shape My contours. A raft afloat in tides of whitewater Pummeling against the elastic endothelium, Not knowing how long this will last – or not, Desire breaking the knots that … Continue reading First Kiss

First Kiss

He was the fresh prince And she the pretty debutante They were on the wrong side of 16 It was prom night; he looked ravishing in a black tux And a checkered bow, and she in a strawberry dress Dripping in desire to his gravitating eyes And the night ushered in a moment Purely forensic, … Continue reading First Kiss

First Kiss

The day I walked from the periphery To the center From onlooker to occupant When you wrapped me With all you could Fingers, elbows and limbs When in that brief Cameo on your lips I found a tornado inside Searching for any morsel Left unturned As I became as blind And head-over heels As a … Continue reading First Kiss

Growing Up/Firsts

A Toastmaster's speech I did last year. Growing Up There are many words to describe firsts. Baptism, inauguration, primary, conception, rite of passage etc. Like the last word describes, rites of passage come at many points in life and they are earmarked as events of metamorphosis or transformation. It is an evident truth that once … Continue reading Growing Up/Firsts