Telling My Son how Fate Works

I tell my teenage son, That fate doesn’t always bring Everything to the doorstep, Unlike a milk bottle, the newspaper, And letters. The last one of the lot, snail mail, Is fast becoming extinct, with only Water bills and marketing announcements, Coming in the postal system. I tell him To always be alert, but never … Continue reading Telling My Son how Fate Works

Two Poems titled “Low Tide”

Low Tide The one that got away, just like an eloped kite Poses a question, asks a riddle, that has no answer. You extrapolate from memory Drawing a line from where she left, To the present. Something surreal Takes over you, an inverse of deja-vu Climbing inside your feeble heart, As you learn that the … Continue reading Two Poems titled “Low Tide”

Reality Strikes at the Melbourne Airport

Its 7.30 in the morning At the Melbourne airport Waiting for the flight to arrive – an inland flight From Melbourne to Canberra I’m impatient, not to see my cousins Or to play tourist but to get that nagging feeling away Of being stuck in a limbo for a good 2 hours. Its that feeling … Continue reading Reality Strikes at the Melbourne Airport

Stolen Destiny

I grew up thinking that I was the black sheep of my family. I was always in my cousin Missaka’s shadow and it wasn’t easy to come near his shoe size. He was just brilliant. He, until recently, held the record for the highest number of marks obtained at the A/L examination. I on the … Continue reading Stolen Destiny

The Man on the Mirror

Transfixation is a pristine mirror. The glass painted on one side and self reflected on the other I’m sitting in the front seat of a bus, looking At the rear view mirror. I know what is chasing me. The weeds that grow taller than the cultivars. The predators that run faster than the prey. You … Continue reading The Man on the Mirror

Don’t make my life easy (Why I’m not Truman)

Don’t give me a saddle to put on the horse They are wild creatures. I will ride bareback Like the American Indian does. Still I’m no Indian, but Just like Sinhalese came out of Sanskrit’s womb There will be some genes of mine in West Bengal Where boats parted jetties and came south. I’m “Lionese”, … Continue reading Don’t make my life easy (Why I’m not Truman)

Fate’s Apostle

The climber took the spiral path And looked to the sky To gleefully bank A few rays of quanta To face-off life The river curved Even jumped passed Abominable rocks And found a little bit of space To find her surf And I – just like that Found the long way home When big dreams … Continue reading Fate’s Apostle


Sometimes there are blooms In the unplanned – like the unplanned tear That speaks for the conscience In the tongue of empathy Or an unplanned pregnancy Which breaks open a stubborn shell - Walls erected by the fear of parenthood - Or an unplanned rendez-vous Of an old flame – perhaps still secretly ablaze After … Continue reading Fate