Await Book No 3 – “Rewiring Destiny”….and perhaps No 4

Yes, the clock is now ticking.....   My third anthology "Rewiring Destiny" should be out at some point in 2019. It has, between 80-110 poems, of which 80%, are novel ones. I no longer write solely for the blog, since I would like to put my poems out, in print.  There are free style poems, rhyming … Continue reading Await Book No 3 – “Rewiring Destiny”….and perhaps No 4

Coelacanth (To Aimee N. from a fan)

I’m like a coelacanth, A fossil, which is neither a vestige, Or a freak of nature, a rare presence In a dead pool of sibling species. Just like this ancient fish, Austen days Are still around, like the 14th of February, Where men become rose carriers, The day when fossils become relevant, In a world … Continue reading Coelacanth (To Aimee N. from a fan)

The Vatican of Darwin

The island that withdrew from the continent Where evolution happened, a Darwin chisel Chiseling DNA strands, like they were wood carvings. And that island is where you see wild boar Making noises in the dark and wild geese playing the windpipes And wild is about the bricks of origin and evolution. Island dwellers are subjected … Continue reading The Vatican of Darwin

God Illusion and Darwin Delusion

I remember a long time ago, while playing one-to-one basketball with a priest, I asked him, how can a catholic scientist like me, choose between evolution and creationism. To which he answered saying, even for evolution to happen, there should be some minimal level of life available on earth, and that was god’s doing - … Continue reading God Illusion and Darwin Delusion

The Atheist Divide

There are theories Such as evolution that can define A bald head and a beard-full of follicles Like Darwin - after all Homo sapiens Is both the relative and successor To an ourang-outang – Pongo pygmaeus And in this strange but truthful science The redheads that run the Borneo jungles Were in time sheered And … Continue reading The Atheist Divide


Inside my wooden cot When careless steps were mixed With bum drops on a soft woolen mattress After all gravity was discovered Only when I found my feet At a tender age of infancy And in time, I would scamper and fall Running to my mother’s arms Even chasing the wiggly caterpillars And the busybody … Continue reading Upright


In the language of evolution In the articulation of DNA Is the script of survival Where the past fades to the art of surrender - mutating to forces of nature For a new lifeform to evolve at the gates of dawn As a turquoise macrocosm is embellished With the solitude of one more palpitation Resonating as life