Pinnawala (The Elephant Orphanage)

## Here they collect elephant dung To be pressed and made into paper. How beautiful that pages Of poetry are born, from elephant poop, The biggest dung of them all. What used to be fertilizer for The cultivation of crops, now Making way for stanzas, sonnets And haikus. How poetic That inside “the well of … Continue reading Pinnawala (The Elephant Orphanage)

The Road Trip To Habarana

My wife and I, we got up just as the rooster Was screaming out “dawn is here” in cockerel tongue It sounded to us like “Cock-a-doodle-doo” And we did doodle a little in thought At the long drive to Habarana But made up our minds early To drive by 6 AM. And that journey through … Continue reading The Road Trip To Habarana

Elephant Graveyard

The tip of a blade Of elephant grass holding on to a dew drop Like an elephant tear, subtle yet tragic Can a photographer capture this? And that tragedy lies in seeing the eye of a poacher The in-bred apathy or the barrel of a gun The out-bred fury and when that dew turns to … Continue reading Elephant Graveyard

Aruni (The Elephant)

I saw Aruni’s dreams Of those Eskimo kisses – when trunks meet Or when they try an impossible French kiss And lovable eye-lashes That flutter seemingly by nature or habit And elephants have hearts the size of air balloons Streaming away in air-currents Seemingly afloat in love And all they ask is to be left … Continue reading Aruni (The Elephant)


Inside the premises of a temple A creature lies as cynosure Armed with his tooth-might Even competing with the graceful stupa In endearing grandeur And a few miles down the road That same creature can be found As god of the sciences and arts Sitting on the pedestal of revered alters And this strange but … Continue reading Elephant

A Troupe Of Elephants

Giant feet plodding on porous crumbling soil Journeying south where no man can spoil On a corridor of green down a strait of life No man to moan nor any residue of strife ......... Giants and dwarfs in assorted bliss Where trumpets lift and born is the trace of a kiss Mother and calf, on … Continue reading A Troupe Of Elephants