The Story of the Green Fluorescent Protein

I look at that day that sunk My dream, to become an eminent scientist, Who would discover a bacterium or a plant,  Which could do wonders, To help a climate change impacted world. This was back in 2009, when I returned to Sri Lanka, to my roots, my birth town Knowing the best I can … Continue reading The Story of the Green Fluorescent Protein


  To be, To exist or live, To prolong or carpe diem… ##### Caught in these trappings Gurus define; I go topsy and turvy Through the navel of an hourglass As I waste away, knowing life Is just a meaningless inertia, Of what we collect to furnish meaning, Love, riches, photographs and memories. ###### And … Continue reading Dreams

Two Poems on Dreams

Dream 1 A pink-purple gerbera on a vase And still how beautiful is a lone wonder Striking a pose on her catwalk Almost like how a hybrid species of life Poses inside a little homely uterus. Every petal, a promise, By a solitary cell, to proliferate In to the prosperity of multiplicity From a day … Continue reading Two Poems on Dreams


We are all dreamy creatures. That live on the foreground of arrases That fall from the sky, and the muscle  Of our own fabric that we interweave From the way we see this turquoise world. And like how a thread floats in the eye of a needle Reality floats on the pupil hung on the … Continue reading Dreams

Learning from Quasimodo

Stunted bent man, like Quasimodo Begs for a few rupees And there’s something about him The workmanship, the richness in expression And the frugality of pain I wish I was him, so little to contend with And still content as a child Sipping a glass of milk. I’m my own shadow, the anorexic Man inside … Continue reading Learning from Quasimodo


Dreams don’t just volatilize They fly away far from our reach When we only remember the vapor A fragrance, an aroma, wisps Of what it is to lie flat in bed And look through a sheet of transparent Glass on the roof - so subtle, so fine Yet so defiant, unyielding, ruthlessly adamantine - Knowing … Continue reading Dreams

Human Spirit

A poem from my book "Kite Dreams"......there's nothing that denotes life better than human spirit, especially when you're the recipient only of an anthropogenic fate. March beyond the frontiers laid by the third eye Dream of quixotic fairy tales beyond any sky Gallop through waves on decks of your galleon Battle your heart out against … Continue reading Human Spirit

Cricket Dreams

A lottery would be A little scratch pad that rustles something inside And that old man with the ticket Was like a school yard kid on a piece of turf Playing cricket. And that kid too had a lottery In his palm. A little bat that would unlock a little treasure On a bare patch … Continue reading Cricket Dreams

To Abdul Kalam

'Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep” Drumming the heart, chasing the savage dream Is a boy with a pendulum in his heart and a clause in his mind It was like Kipling’s “If”, a resurrection transcending the calvary Or the chateau d’if. And … Continue reading To Abdul Kalam