The American Dream

## How that square passport picture, Is just a fleeting moment of time.   A snap of a camera, and the trophy on a passport. The freaky Hulk, the super hero in green,   What makes you colorful, colorblind, and color-petty And still you are whipped on the inside,   How you remember what you … Continue reading The American Dream

Dream Mountain

The mountain and the snow, The slow thaw of time, The summit, that makes brave, The steepness, courage like A flashflood of grit, And mountaineers, that live On the glue in their hands, And the slow graft To the top. We are all mountaineers, Climbing the dream mountain, To find the slow thaw of estrangement, … Continue reading Dream Mountain

Wet Dream

Have you ever had a wet dream?. You wonder, how does it fall? How does it flow? Is it a river that meanders, or is it An ocean that undulates, Or perhaps a tsunami that billows? Perhaps it is found in the river’s Riparian zone, where bamboo thickets grow Or perhaps it is a watershed, … Continue reading Wet Dream

Two Poems on Dreams

Dream 1 A pink-purple gerbera on a vase And still how beautiful is a lone wonder Striking a pose on her catwalk Almost like how a hybrid species of life Poses inside a little homely uterus. Every petal, a promise, By a solitary cell, to proliferate In to the prosperity of multiplicity From a day … Continue reading Two Poems on Dreams

To Abdul Kalam

'Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep” Drumming the heart, chasing the savage dream Is a boy with a pendulum in his heart and a clause in his mind It was like Kipling’s “If”, a resurrection transcending the calvary Or the chateau d’if. And … Continue reading To Abdul Kalam

Compulsive Dreamer

Like the polished shoe on the long road Knowing that lines will appear. Still you walk On the bearings that a dream gives. The mountain Is never too high or rocky, and the whitewater Is never too torrid. You walk with no polish to paint over Dust, tan, tiny marks and patches. And soon your … Continue reading Compulsive Dreamer

The Dreamer

We like stars, anything that shimmers And makes a statement of light, need a bow A wish, a fall, an airy kiss. We love to love the stars. The birth from a nebula and a death as a supernova And a lifetime of giving what the heart owns. And we look up, through naked eyes, … Continue reading The Dreamer


Like a paper boat That swims in a mud puddle Or a wooden top that spins On a polished floor Perhaps a gangly skipping rope In the palms of a pig-tailed girl Even some pieces of lego In the hands of a baby boy The many shapes and sizes of toys That are unwrapped and … Continue reading Childhood